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VetStop: All your pet needs at discount prices - Find a wide range of discount pet supplies for your pet. For dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles ... it's all here !

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  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/dog Dog supplies at VetStop - All the pet supplies you need for your dog at discount prices. Flea control, Heartworm prevention, Supplements, Toys, Bedding, Training ... all here
  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/cat Cat supplies at VetStop - All the pet supplies you need for your cat at discount prices. Flea control, womers, nutrition, toys, bedding ... all here
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  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/household Household - All you need to manage pet odours and stains in the house. Urine, vomit and other 'stuff' is easily managed with these products. Pet repellants also.
  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/PAW PAW Products - PAW provides a range of supplements and skin care products for dogs & cats
  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/Natural-Animal-Solutions Natural Animal Solutions - Natural Animal Solutions range has been created in conjunction with research &formulation leaders of the Australian Naturopathic industry
  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/Flea-Combo-Packages Flea Control Combination Packages - Find a combination of your favourite flea control products with heartworm, all-wormer or tick control and save a bundle
  • http://www.vetstop.com.au/shop/Wound-Care Wound Care in Dogs - A range of products to manage cuts and scrapes in dogs - wound cleaners, anti-septics, fly repellants, wound gels etc

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  • Heather - This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies ...

    This book is the EXACT material as the "NCLEX-RN Strategies, Practice, and Review 2013-2014. The only difference is the 2 Practice tests that you get with this book and not the other. Save your money and purchase the 2013-2014 book. The book has practice exams after every chapter so you still get plenty of practice. Also the 2013-2014 book comes with a disc.

  • W. Moran - ...but its only vitamins!

    People obviously let their imaginations get away from logic. READ the ingredients! It's ONLY vitamins!

  • T. Vivian - Just one tiny (or maybe not so tiny) little flaw...

    These work very well and the length comes in handy for most applications but there is one thing that keeps this item from getting an all-star review and that is the thick plastic around the ends of the cables. Most devices (TVs, computers, etc) put their multitude of HDMI ports very VERY VERY close together and the chunky insulating plastic around the ends of these cables could and probably will prevent other cables from being plugged in next to these cables. Or next to each other for that matter, if you like the price and buy a bunch.

  • J R Hanlon - Wife loves it

    I have been buying this product for my wife for over 10 years. It works beautifully. will continue to order it

  • Syls - I'm happy to have this cookbook

    I'm happy to have this cookbook, and so far I like it. I even think that i like it more than Gina's first cookbook. My only criticisms are :