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  • BrittanyB. - They always break!!!

    This is the fifth one I've gotten. It totally busts after two months. I want to be clear, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLER, as I have gone out of my way to purchase these from various stores and online sellers. This product is just cheap. I will say, it does it's job, while it works. It does not completely remove the hair, so there is some stubble, but it's perfect for touch ups. Too bad it doesn't last longer than 8 weeks. And no, it isn't the battery. The light comes on but the little razors or whatever you want to call them simply stop working.

  • MR.Spazzington - Records clear audio great for spying AND recording lectures in class!

    Upon opening the package everything was in order, everything was included. Reading the reviews before purchasing rendered me a bit iffy because a lot of them say to be very still while recording but that can look SUPER obvious, I don't need to spy on anyone but I used it to record my class session, I asked my professor if it was okay to record the lecture and he said fine! I was sitting in a big lecture hall, about in the middle, over 200 students in the class, and I was able to hear the recording perfectly, I was writing notes with the pen so the speaker was always up and on the right side. The USB cable connected to my laptop and I got the sound file easily using Windows 10. Haven't used the video feature to record anything yet but I toyed with it and it's pretty clear, but like I mentioned earlier best to be still with it, being a pen it will shake a lot!

  • T. Burris - Great machine, but big selling points not that big

    Note** I did not buy directly from Amazon because I wanted it immediately. That being said I still like the Cameo 3.

  • Dear_Child - Breakdown of Product

    I bought this product 05/17/2016 from my local PetCo. I originally decided to read these reviews to see how frequently to use the product since the bottle itself does not have a recommended use frequency. Since then I noticed several common complaints that I felt should be address in one place. I hope to provide a single review that lays out a reasonably through breakdown of this product for the lazier of us.

  • Ronald J. King - Worked Great

    We recently moved in to a house with a pet urine smell in one corner of the carpeted basement. We didn't know how long it had been there, but I imagined it'd be next to impossible to get out since that sort of stain usually soaks through the carpet and permenates the concrete. Not having high expectations, I bought a 32 oz bottle of this stuff. Well, I was pleasantly surprised! I just squeezed out the whole bottle on to the carpet, put a fan on it, and low and behold - no more odor. This stuff really does work!

  • D. Warwas - Did not work for me

    I was trying to find a weight loss supplement to go with my workouts and decided to try Relacore. I took 2 capsules 3 times a day and the only change i noticed was that my urine was bright yellow.

  • Michael - Avoid like the plague!

    I have been an office fan since the beginning. NO MORE! Microsoft has just made a draconian change to its office licensing scheme.