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Urologist Chattanooga & Southeastern, TN | UT Erlanger Urology - UT Urology provides the diagnosis and treatment of urology conditions in Chattanooga and Nashville, TN. Our team of board-certified urologists are dedicated to

  • https://www.uturology.com/2016/06/minimize-your-risk-of-kidney-stones/ Minimize Your Risk of Kidney Stones | UT Erlanger Urology - Research on kidney stones has revealed that there may be several dietary habits that lower one's risk of initial or future stones. Click to learn more!
  • https://www.uturology.com/2016/05/does-caffeine-really-cause-overactive-bladder/ Does caffeine REALLY cause overactive bladder? | UT Erlanger Urology - If you are a coffee drinker and you suffer from symptoms of overactive bladder (OAB) such as frequent urination or urgent urination, it is a very safe bet that
  • https://www.uturology.com/2016/05/how-oab-affects-you/ How OAB Affects You | UT Erlanger Urology - For people with OAB, there is an enormous impact on everyday life. For the rest of us, there is no denying that overactive bladder should demand our attention.
  • https://www.uturology.com/2016/05/dear-diary/ Dear Diary | UT Erlanger Urology - Voiding diaries can be very useful for identifying urinary problems and are inexpensive and easy to complete

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  • Robert O. - Roxio (Yuck)

    It's not compatible with Windows 7. Earlier and easy componets of the program are missing. It's a disaster for Windows 7 users. My earlier version for Windows XP was far superior to the new one. A total waste of good money, even at the reduced price.

  • adda - All I expected

    Printmaster 2012 was what I expected it to be. I can now do things I could only wish I could have done in the past. Thank you Printmaster, keep them coming.

  • Brian Healy - good product

    i recommend this to all guys who don't like body hair like me and it also good in the manly area down below (don't judge) i just don't like hair there and shaving it sucked its a huge hassle and most guys now a days shave down there anyways cause females don't like it (like my girlfriend)but when you put it on you have to put on a lil bit more then recommended cause the hairs are deeply rooted and thick and leave it on longer then directed but overall great product leaves it smooth and clean if you do it right and the only downfall is the scent it is very strong and i don't recommend doing it before you start your day in public cause it is strong but if if you shower after you remove it and soap well enough the scent will not be as strong