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Uscom - The measure of Life. - USCOM Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor, non-invasive and accurate monitor of cardiac output for diagnosis via Continuous wave Doppler echocardiography.

  • http://www.uscom.com.au/investor/index.html Uscom - Investor - USCOM Ultrasonic Cardiac Output Monitor, non-invasive and accurate monitor of cardiac output for diagnosis via continuous wave Doppler echocardiography.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1738 Cardiac hemodynamics in early term neonates born with maternal gestational diabetes mellitus – Uscom Evidence - This study showed that babies newly born of women with gestational diabetes mellitus which was well controlled during pregnancyhad increased left ventricular contractility and left cardiac work compared to control babies.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1708 Maternal haemodynamics assessment in preterm delivery: two different haemodymanic profiles – Uscom Evidence - Women with a diagnosis of threatened preterm delivery with SVR values>lOOO dynes.sec.cm-5 and elevated CRP levels present high risk of preterm delivery.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1709 Screening of preeclampsia (PE) in the first trimester: high Total Vascular Resistance (TVR) with a reduced fat mass increase the risk in normo BMI patients – Uscom Evidence - In the first trimester, high SVR and lower Fat Mass may be an early marker of PE. Moreover lower fat mass increase the positive predictive value of isolated high TVR from 18% to 50%.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1707 Is there a correlation between total body water distribution and haemodynamic changes during pregnancy? – Uscom Evidence - Assessment of total body water and Systemic vascular Resistance may identify patients with different adaptations to pregnancy: women with high SVR and insufficient plasma volume expansion and women with high SVR and excessive fluid retention.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1704 The effect of head up tilting on bioreactance cardiac output and stroke volume readings using suprasternal transcutaneous Doppler as a control in healthy young adults – Uscom Evidence - Whereas the SV changes by USCOM were in accord with the expectation of normal physiology and followed the gravitational effect of head up tilting, the NICOM SV changes did not reflect the expected tilting effect of proportional decreases with increasing tilt angle.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1706 Utility of non-invasive cardiac output measurements during cardiopulmonary exercise testing in pre-operative risk assessment – Uscom Evidence - Change in CI correlates well with traditional Cardio-pulmonary Exercise Testing markers of cardiovascular performance for pre surgical CV assessment.
  • http://www.uscom.com.au/evid/1627 Early norepinephrine can reverse shock and limit positive fluid balance in pediatric septic shock – Uscom Evidence - Pediatric septic patients who received early norepinephrine after 20-30ml/kg fluid required less fluid, ventilated days and ICU days compared to historical patients treated as per the ACCM-PALS septic shock algorithm. Stroke Volume Variation, Cardiac Index and Systemic Vascular Resistance Index were important parameters associated with the improved management.

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  • Shari Ross - Do not buy doesn't work at all!

    Worst product ever!! Didn't kill one single spider after 3 applications. Don't waste your money. Negative star.

  • W. Smith - Good tax product

    We've been using HR Block for 5+ years and never had any problems. We tried TurboTax too but it's more expensive and we did comparison one year and found HR Block gave us more refunds. Go figure. This year HR Block changed its interface a bit to simplify the look, but I find that I like previous years' design better.

  • Bonnie wittwer - Great story

    Couldn't put this book down. A gripping story of good and evil. My only negative is law enforcement and our court system are always viewed as corrupt i n your books. I am aware there are bad apples in almost any system but seems a little overdone.

  • Amazon Customer - Interesting Theories

    Very interesting info, covering a lot of pagan rituals, origins and theories. At times it appeared the author may be trying to indoctrinate the readers into pagan beliefs. So the reader needs to keep in mind the author is really supporting and promoting Christianity. He is simply pointing out the many ways and belief systems the rest of the uninformed world is mislead by, lost in, or confused by. Seems a very well researched book, with many surprising points.

  • Lani702 - Worth getting over the basic pink box and Results are FAST!!

    I've been faithfully using viviscal for about a year, but before that it was on and off for about 4 years. I used the pink version which took forever to see a difference, than I found out about this professional option and have been using this for the past 2 months and LOVE IT!!.. I highlight my hair changing colors every 6 months out of boredom and when I showered I had a Ton of hair fall out, but since using Especially this version oh my god, I only have 15 hairs come out and I've been counting. My hair is a bit more thicker, and my baby hairs are growing longer and thicker in the front of my scalp. My hair has grown more and over all this is a FANTASTIC product!! I will be using this until there is another product in the future that does more, but as for now, this as good as it comes!