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  • JillHuff - Average

    I got this as a gift for my boyfriend, he loved it. He was really excited about the gun, but the tv wouldn't calibrate it correctly so he couldn't use it. He played it for probably 3 days straight and ended up beating the game. It usually takes him a week or two to beat most games he buys. He had a lot of fun playing it but said it would be better if perhaps it had an expansion pack or something to make it more dificult.

  • Midwest Pastor - Sizes

    While I LOVE the colors and the way these marvelous lady pens fit in my hand, I think the product could be just THAT MUCH BETTER if it came in different sizes. Like 36C instead of what seems like a standard double A size. My hand feels a bit restrained and the pen leaves red marks along the sides of my fingers. I know it's a common mistake that women buy pens that are too small for their hands, so perhaps BIC could have a specialty shop where we can get our hands measured for the perfect fit. I'd be willing to shell out more money for something that molds to my contours and can keep my knuckles properly supported.

  • Gloria DeSiena - I love this product

    I love this product. I'm usually real sensitive to pills like this but I was able to use these with no bad side affects.

  • Dan W. - This stuff works great. It does wear off

    This stuff works great. It does wear off, and nothing will numb certain areas completely, but it helps--a lot. I had a big chest peice done and used hush. I followed the directions and used about 2/3 of a bottle and wrapped it in plastic wrap. It was about 1.5-2 hours later that the tattoo actually got started--not the one hour the directions say. I could barely feel anything for the first hour or so until my sternum started getting done. That was bad, real bad, but it think it would have been completely unbearable otherwise.

  • juano - Warm and plush

    This pullover offers warmth and plush comfort unmatched by any other pullover I've tried on or owned. It's my favorite layer for getting up on a winter morning and hanging out around the house and yet looks more than good enough to wear out. Think after ski or going out on a winter night. When first trying on it seemed a tad large, but after laundering it fits really well. I love this thing.

  • Ronald L Conkle - A really good environment

    To date Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 has been a wonderful tool for me and I recommend it for those seeking just a little bit more their development tools. Therefore my personal choice is Microsoft Visual Studio Pro 2012 ...