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  • T140-Frank - My old antenna is now a marshmellow holder

    Idividually inspected for quality, I think mine was inspected by dave according to the paper work that came in the box. The overall quality surprised me, they put some work into this tiny antenna. The antenna fits great, radio sounds great, and it looks way cooler than the gaint one that came with the truck.

  • lightnin - I bought it for my wife - but I love it!

    I never would have thought something so simple could be so profound. The Squatty Potty puts one into caveman position without strain on one's legs. Aligns the colon with gravity allowing complete evacuation. Satisfaction!

  • Matt Dawley - I cannot say enough good things about this product

    I cannot say enough good things about this product! I am IN LOVE. I noticed a difference the very first time I brushed, and a week later, the results just keep getting better. I had been using Crest White Strips for as long as I can remember with minimal results after a few days of using strips in a row. I have sensitive teeth so would often end up with that painful "zing" feeling in my teeth/ jaw afterward too. Tuxedo has changed all of this! Immediate results with an all natural, organic product that not only whitens immediately but helps detox!! No pain and no harsh chemicals (and not a bad price, especially when you compare to professional whitening or even a box of Crest White Strips)! Life changing! My friends and family have even commented on the noticeable difference, asking what I am using and ordering the charcoal themselves. I highly recommend!!

  • Brad - Drive a Crosstrek? You NEED these!!

    If you have a Subaru Crosstrek you HAVE to get these tweeters. Much better than the stock ones, and extremely easy to install. Highly recommended. The difference is immediately noticed in sound quality.