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Pain Doctor | Tri-City Pain Associates - Tri-City Pain Associates, and Dr. Urfan Dar, are specialists in interventional pain care management including the new mild procedure.

  • http://www.tricitypaindoc.com/contact.php Local Pain Care Doctors | Tri-City Pain & Associates | New Braunfels | Seguin | San Antonio | Austin - Tri-City Pain Associates, and Dr. Urfan Dar, are specialists in interventional pain management including the new mild procedure. The mild is a minimally invasive approach to reduce pain and improve mobility. Mild can be performed in an outpatient setting under local anesthesia or light sedation, and patients experience fewer complications. Spinal Cord stimulators and Pumps are offered as well. To find out more about the mild procedure and other minimally invasive spine interventions Tri-City Pain Associates can help you with, visit our website at tricitypaindoc.com.
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  • M Lizarraga - Another WIN for 3M

    3M, you are a godsend! When I first purchased my carpet, I coated it with Scotchgard protector. 5 years later, I had an 'accident,' with a plateful of spaghetti, whose sauce ended up all over the carpet. I thought I had to purchase a new one considering how the sauce had spread all over. After using moist paper towels, I was amazed that I could remove most of the damage. After purchasing the Scotchgard cleaner, the carpet looks brand spankin' new! They must mad scientists they have working there at 3M, considering the magic their products perform.

  • S. Yang - My daughters seem to enjoy this, but they still prefer the WII sports ...

    My daughters seem to enjoy this, but they still prefer the WII sports and WII games better. I think the graphics don't look very attractive, but it's a fun activity for my girls.

  • Krissa Mist - Easy to implement tips on meditation.

    This is an excellent helpful and a very informative guide. It's well written and easy to understand. There are some great ideas to gain. It contains valuable advice and tips on meditation that are very easy to follow. This book tackles all the good things that Meditation can give to our body. It calms the mind and it makes us productive in all our tasks. Meditation is really helpful to both our body and soul. For me the highest benefit that Meditation can give is the happiness, positive and clear thoughts. I like this book. Very informative.

  • David E. Peden - Love Kaspersky 2013

    I bought Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 to replace a Norton product. For the last several months, my laptop has been running slower and slower, even though every tool I used to check the systems revealed nothing amiss. Yesterday I deleted the Norton program and installed Kaspersky, and the computer is running like a teenager again. Way to go, Kaspersky!

  • J. Mount - Love this product

    I only use two hair products: Wen and Bed Head. My hair has never been softer, creamier, fluffier or happier. I put a dollop of this on my hair, twist it in a bun and go to bed. Wake up and go. Love this stuff!

  • Alex Colletta - TrackR is immensely helpful

    I've been waiting for a product like this for so long. I lose my wallet, my keys, or both on almost a weekly basis. I usually find them but when you're in a rush, it's the most frustrating thing ever. My friend told me about trackR and I bought one a few days later. Sure enough I couldn't find my keys when I was late to work the next week. I almost forgot I had the trackR before my girlfriend reminded me. I busted out my phone and opened up the app. Then I could hear a pile of clothes in the corner of the room beeping and found the keys in a pocket. Saved me probably ten minutes of looking for them and I made it to work on time. Gotta say this device has helped me a lot already and I'm extremely satisfied with it. Whether youre prone to losing things or you had a late night drinking, trackR will help you find what you seek!

  • Marie8507 - A Must Against Bed-Bugs!!

    I saw this in my local hardware store along with other products for this brand. I bought it and used it immediately, and this truly works along with the powder. We have no more bedbugs in the room. The only issue i had was that the spray pump part didnt work, so i just poured some in a spray bottle I had and treated all the areas.