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  • Stayat*homeMom - Do not buy!!!

    Terrible waste of money. Better to buy from a local seller at $14 a bottle. These leak and the scents fade after an hour or so.

  • swell - Demand a digital database version !

    What a waste of paper! This is a reference work, not a novel. One doesn't read from page 1 to page 1,000. I might want to find all book publishers who accept short story collections--no way! I might want agents in my geographical area--no way! I might want magazines and publishers who cover aircraft maintenance--no way!

  • Bruce T. Pappas - Nice upgrade

    I bought this with some reservation after reading what other wrote. It was helpful to know that seating it can be difficult but persistence pays off. The first time I installed it, the TV screen appeared all garbled. I pushed it in more firmly and it worked perfectly.

  • Meredith Kitts - Great success to slow down the itching and make him ...

    On the suggestion of a friend, we started using this product on our itchy beagle/jack russell. Great success to slow down the itching and make him more comfortable!