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Total Health Trust | Health Insurance in Nigeria, Africa, and a Multinational Responsive Flexible Health Insurance in Africa, and Nigeria. - Total Health Trust offers robust Health Insurance Solutions with coverage options for Nigeria, Africa and Worldwide (except U.S.). We are Nigeria’s leading HMO

  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/about/ About us | Total Health Trust - Seven reasons to choose the most reliable HMO in Nigeria to take care of you, your staff and your family: THT is the leading HMO in Nigeria & was awarded
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/about/company/ About Us | Exceptional Care HMO, Industry Leading Insurance, Competitively Priced Insurance | Total Health Trust - Meet Total Health Trust – The established Industry Leader in Health Insurance provision in Nigeria, with an offer of a wide array of Competitively Priced Health
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/about/story/ Our story | Total Health Trust - In 1996 three committed and pioneering doctors joined forces to set up the first ever incorporated Health Management Organisation (HMO) in the country. Dr Ladi
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/about/partners/ Our institutional shareholders | Total Health Trust - THT’s success as the leading HMO in Nigeria resulted in the company becoming a a wholly owned subsidiary of Liberty Holdings of South Africa, a Pan-african
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/portfolio/our_plans/ Our 2015 plans | Total Health Trust - Total Health Trust is dedicated to provide access to effective and affordable healthcare for all Nigerians. We have a range of plans for business and
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/portfolio/fee-for-service/ Fee-for-service (Blue Health Cover) | Total Health Trust - The Fee-for-service (Blue Health Cover) model is better suited to Corporate and SME clients or individual clients with medium to high budgets for healthcare.
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/portfolio/managed-care/ Managed Care Capitation | Total Health Trust - The Managed Care Capitation model is better suited to corporate clients with low to medium budgets for employee healthcare programmes and caters for all levels
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/portfolio/informal/ Surehealth informal sector plan | Total Health Trust - Our informal sector plan, Surehealth, has been specially designed for active members of existing trade associations, cooperatives, artisan associations, market
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/portfolio/nhis/ National Health Insurance scheme (NHIS) | NHIS Accredited National HMO | Total Health Trust - NHIS Accredited National HMO. THT is one of the HMOs (NHIS 002) accredited by the NHIS to administer the government-sponsored healthinsurance scheme designed to
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/services/ Our administration services | Total Health Trust -   Customer contact centre We realise that simply knowing what to do can help save a life! Our call centre staff are medically trained to provide basic
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/value-services/ Value added services | Total Health Trust - In addition to connecting you, your family and your staff to affordable healthcare, we also offer the following complimentary value added services:  
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/value-services/health-reports/ Employee health reports | Total Health Trust - As part of our corporate services, we provide an analysis on the health of your workforce to help you understand and reduce the costs of your healthcare
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/value-services/employee-wellness/ Employee wellness services | Total Health Trust - As the need for knowledge and information on preventative healthcare grows, wellness programmes are becoming a core part of the service we offer our corporate
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/our-healthcare-network/ Our Accredited Provider Network | Quality, Innovative, Trusted Healthcare Plans, and Healthcare Provider in Nigeria | Total Health Trust - Get Access to Quality Healthcare on our Innovative Health Plans. As a member, you get to consult with our accredited and Trusted Healthcare Providers to enjoy
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/members-info-area/ Members information area | Total Health Trust - We believe that knowledge is the key to everything in life – and your health is no exception. We are empowering you with all you need to know about your health
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/contact-us/ Contact Us | Health and Wellness promotion, a World-class health insurance solutions, Health insurer Preferred by Multinational companies | Total Health Trust - We maintain a global outlook, with our offer of World-class health insurance solutions, making us the preferred health insurer by Multinational companies
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/careers/ Careers | Total Health Trust - THT is the leading HMO in Nigeria and we are always looking for talent. With our foreign and local investors' support and our strategic plans for the future, we
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/our-healthcare-network/pl_blue/ Fee-for-service provider list | Total Health Trust - We are currently updating our Fee-for-service provider list. For the latest provider lists please contact us toll free on 0800 – CALL THT (0800 2255 848)
  • https://www.totalhealthtrust.com/our-healthcare-network/pl_gold/ Managed Care Capitation provider list | Total Health Trust - We are currently updating our Managed Care Capitation provider list. For the latest provider lists please contact us toll free on 0800 – CALL THT (0800 2255

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  • Leia - Beautiful blue but Oneida silverware leaves gray marks

    Like others have said, silverware (Oneida) leaves gray marks on the creamy-white surfaces of the plates, bowls, and mugs. My spouse and I received the Noritake Colorwave Blue model 8484 dishware and mugs 11 years ago as a wedding gift and now the eating surfaces are covered with numerous, spiderweb-like gray marks that don't wash off. I still love the blue color and simplicity of the set, but the dishware definitely has a used look, since the many contacts between silverware and dishes over several years leave numerous marks, as you can imagine! If you wish to have pristine-looking dishware that actually appears to have unblemished white surfaces, then this set is probably not for you.

  • Wilderness Techno Geek - Can't beat these

    Excellent. Can't say enough about them. Perfect fit, and easy to clean. I wish everything was made like these.

  • Ana Silveira - I love Doterra oils

    I love Doterra oils! Slim and Sassy really works for me. I'm starting my 3rd bottle I have lost about 10 lb.