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  • https://www.thetrumpet.com/article/14249.18.190.0/religion/christianity/will-europe-rediscover-its-christian-identity Will Europe Rediscover Its Christian Identity? - theTrumpet.com - Many believe this bastion of secularism will never again embrace religion. History shows otherwise.
  • https://www.thetrumpet.com/article/14265.29.0.0/society/the-former-prophets The Former Prophets - theTrumpet.com - These books of the Bible contain prophetic history, yet few study them and even fewer understand their significance for today.

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    I'm splitting my TV audio optical output between my home theatre and this Bluetooth transmitter. The device works great with the digital format set to PCM and it has excellent support from the seller. There's no discernible lag and this works even better than my TV's inbuilt Bluetooth. Once paired, the RTX Mini reconnects very quickly when I turn on my TV (which powers the transmitter via USB).

  • Samuel Ray - Works well if you have sensitive teeth

    Well, like the title, I have sensitive teeth. All my life I've dealt with them, then one dentist visit I was given a small sample and I got hooked. My mouth feels cleaner, it tastes cleaner (not that sugary-sweet taste from some other brands), and my teeth are a lot less sensitive. They're even a bit whiter, but that just might be stronger enamel. If you have sensitive teeth, I highly recommend this. if not, your usual brand will probably do.

  • little old lady - Great Tax Software At A Great Price.

    I find that downloading the software from Amazon is a great money saver and this software has always gotten me through tax preparation with great results

  • WindingDown - great for pain relief

    I use these a lot on my knees and I have fibromylgia and it sure helps sometimes I have a dozen all over my body specially in the winter time.. hate to use hard core pain meds make me even more out of it..

  • E. Johnson - Waste of Money

    Let me start off first by saying that I have the "Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals", the "Saitek Pro Flight Yoke with Three-Lever Throttle", and the "Saitek X52 Pro Flight System". All of these hardware components are great and I highly recommend them.

  • Jamie in Washington - Smells great...before or after!

    Sometimes you may forget to spray BEFORE you go...or you don't know you are gonna need the spray till you go. This spray works either way. It is best if used before...however, know that if you forget, Royal Flush will leave the potty smelling...well, royal. We love it in our house. It does have a very masculine smell.

  • Marissa Garriott - Don't waste your money like we did!

    The back won't stay on ,keeps falling off and it never shows the right temperature. My lo will be running a 101.00 temperature on a oral Thermometer and this one will tell me her temperature is 96.0. Probably the worst thermometer there is.