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Patch auto-chauffant | Thermacare - Les patchs ThermaCare soulagent de manière efficace et ciblée les douleurs musculaires et articulaires

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  • Charles J. Seitz - Socket Set

    Took over 10 days to get, when item came the case it comes in was badly damaged, the top of the case had a crack the whole length of the lid 1 socket was missing, all the other sockets were just laying all over, do not think I will order any more tools from them

  • Manda - LOVED IT

    Rabbits are my passion and I love them to death. I have two of my own and I'd seen people with this magazine on YouTube. I decided not to get it that I already knew everything there was to know about rabbits. I was wrong. Somehow I changed my mind and I ordered the magazine which is cheaper here on Amazon than on other websites. I got it and I read it for the rest of the night! I learned a lot about rabbits. Things I didn't already know even though I am a research hog about rabbits. I research them so much, it probably isn't even healthy. My favorite section is the part about E. Cuniculi. I knew some about the disease, but not that much. There is about four pages about E. Coniculi. Although this definatly is more like a book about rabbits. It spits facts out at you and when I read, I like to read stories. I was hoping this magazine had stories in it. Stories about people who owned rabbit and their experiences. I haven't finished it yet but I have skimmed the last few pages and read most of it. There has only been one story. So that is something to think about. Please order Rabbits USA 2012 if you love rabbits like me. You will learn more than you ever could on the internet and it is a fasinating read with recomended vets, cute pictues, and there is even a photo contest where you can win things! My absolute favorite thing is the poll questions. I thought I was the only one to ever try my bun's food but it turns out, 30% of rabbit owners do. It was all over a great investment and I think I will be buying a second copy to keep as my cat spilt a cup of water on it. :(

  • Erik - When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However

    I've been running Orbi in parallel with my existing home network for about a week now. When my devices connect and am close to the router or satellite the speeds are excellent. However, I've been having issues with it dropping internet access randomly for about a minute before reconnecting. I'll still have good signal strength just no outside internet access. Reconnecting to Orbi or one of my other access points solves the problem, or I can just wait 2 min and things should be good.

  • Jessica - Great product, great company!

    We have been using the same bottle of shampoo and body wash for our 15 month old son since he was born, and refilling it at our local co-op where we can buy it in bulk. The pump on our bottle recently broke, and after a quick call to the Earth Mama company (where I spoke to a pleasant actual person), they sent us a new one in a few days for free! We have been so pleased with the quality of all of their products we've tried and will continue to use them as our son grows.