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The Manchester College | tmc.ac.uk - The largest further education college in the UK and the number one provider of 16-19 and adult education in Greater Manchester.

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  • http://www.themanchestercollege.ac.uk/node/10957 Study with us | The Manchester College - Whatever your interests, your goals and your background, if you’re passionate about your future, there’s a place for you here with us on the path to becoming amazing.
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  • http://www.themanchestercollege.ac.uk/node/10888 Life in Manchester | The Manchester College - He wasn’t wrong. It’s the city where Rolls met Royce, where the atom was first split, and where the first computer was ever made. It’s full of history and yet constantly looking to the future, always buzzing and brimming with activities, events and festivals. It’s legendary for both its music scene and its sporting heritage. In Manchester, the passion, the love and the excitement are contagious, and if you’re not a Mancunian already, you will be soon.
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  • http://www.themanchestercollege.ac.uk/node/11122 Student Rewards | The Manchester College - Being a student at The Manchester College has loads of benefits, and we want to make sure you enjoy as many of them as possible during your time with us. If you can get something for nothing, pick up some freebies, or save a ton of money when you’re out shopping, eating or exploring, then why wouldn’t you? Whether you’ve just left school, you’re starting a degree or you’re returning to college as an adult, as soon as you enrol on any course with us you’ll automatically join the National Union of Students (NUS).
  • http://www.themanchestercollege.ac.uk/node/14482 TaPestries 2017 | The Manchester College - 26th & 27th January 2pm & 7pm A double bill of performance work from the first and second year students. MY FOOT MY TUTOR Directed by Craig Bennett The first year students explore presentational performance in this original and innovative interpretation of Handke’s play. The Tempest is over. The stage is bare. And armed with nothing but rolls of tape, My Foot My Tutor will be brought to life. TWINNED Directed by Wayne Steven Jackson

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  • Aaron A. Kent - good jacket

    Good jacket, I find that these jacket's ride a little on the short size for torso length. The medium is too big but the length is good, the short fits quite well but rides slightly high on the waist. Being about 5"11 155 lbs makes me around average so I figure they could size these a bit better for an outdoor "activity" jacket, but all around worth the money. . . . .

  • Cullen - Looks great

    I'm happy with the purchase. It looks good and it's convenient for automatic car washes. Lost a little reception, but I don't listen to the fm much at all these days. Vehicles equipped with Bluetooth and apps like pandora put an end to fm radio and cd for me. So.. you will definitely lose reception if you aren't somewhat close to the stations or in an open area. I gave 4 stars instead of 5 because after all its an antenna



  • garrett - Great look, solid fit.

    These bars look nearly identical to the mopar brand. Installation didn't take too long (~40 mins), but the instructions are a bit unclear. Here are some tips from my installation (disclaimer - use at your own risk):

  • dreamy - I really love this product as it suctions everything out

    I really love this product as it suctions everything out. However, after using it for about 6 months, somehow water got in the tube. The water dried up black... which makes me think it is biological growth. I am scared to use it now. I want to order another one but worried if this happens again, i would have to keep buying a new one.

  • CarissaAtGFI - Great if your hardwoods need to be refinished desparately

    I have been using this product every few months for about 5 years. I can only speak to its performance on 65 year old hardwoods that really need to be refinished (virtually no clear coat was left and high traffic areas had almost no stain left.) I could neither afford to refinish properly, nor did I have the time to be out of my house while the dust is flying. I used Old English Scratch Cover to put color back into the wood. (Seriously, I just mixed together their light and dark colors and it matches my 1940's wood pretty darn well- I have the same color floors you often see in the 80s on hardwoods: an orangey, brownish, medium color). I let that dry for about 30 minutes and then I put LIGHT COATS of this Quick Shine on- on my hands and knees, a few feet at a time- with a common kitchen sponge. Usually just 2 coats will do the trick. I think a lot of reviewers are putting on a thick coat and that would make it gummy- also that is likely why it says to do multiple coats. Its like nail polish, you cant cake on a thick coat and expect a nice finish! After it dries in like an hour, recoat. Seriously, 2 thin coats make it look like it has a fresh coat of poly on the floor. Absolutely amazing. I have done this about 8 times over the last 3 years (usually just touching up the high traffic areas, but whole room applications about once a year), no hazing, no problems other than what other reviewers said about water leaving white spots. That is true, if you leave any sitting fluid it does leave a white spot. Light sand paper, and a recoat and it looks OK but not great. I would NOT use it in a kitchen, and have never used it on tile. And note that I barely ever wet mop. A damp mop every 6 months, and spot clean the dogs muddy paw prints, dripped coffee, etc. Gross, I know, but I do sweep the floors constantly! :)

  • Vanessa - Great way to learn and collect coins

    This collector map arrived very quickly and I am very happy with it. It is larger than what I thought and my 7 year old son and I started adding in our quarters immediately. It opens in thirds and includes a map and the right hand side has spaces to add in the other mint location for duplicate states. The quarter spaces on the map have little notches so small hands can get the quarter back out if necessary. Overall, this is great fun for adult and kids alike to learn about states, national parks, and enjoy coin collecting.