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  • Richard D. Matthew - review of the F-63 treadmill

    Its been about 4 days now since I bought my F-63. I used it for a total of 3 hours. My brother put it together for me. He said it was fairly easy putting it together. I bought mine from Dicks. And also the extended warrenty for 4 years. I liked the idea of buying it from the manufacture with no tax and free shipping however they did not have the extended 4 year plans. I used my Father's van to pick it up and take it to my house. We took it out of the car and opened the box up outside and took it in a piece at a time. The running track was realy haevy thats for sure. There was a strap on the track so in case the track did not lift out while you were moving the track. So far I realy like it. I cant do any serious running because of my knees so I walk, fast walk and do short jogs. The hand pulse grips worked for me pretty good. I have to read the mannel to how to work the chest pulse monitor. I do admit the plastic tray on lower level is pretty thin but I never use that anyway. It has big compartments on the councill. So thats not a issue to me. When I push in the lever for letting down the track it dose go down a little fast however half way down the shocks starts to kick in and slows it down till it hits the floor. When you start off and press the speed up to lets say 3 miles an hour it responds a little slow before it reaches that desired speed. But once it is at desired speed its pretty smooth running and quiet. At first I thought I heard squeeks while I had thing going but discovered that was my smeakers hitting the track causeing that sqeeky sound. It says it goes up to 10 miles an hour but it realy goes to 12 miles an hour. I was not on it while I took it to 12 but it was realy quiet and smooth going at that speed. It is easy to push around. I looked at the one at sears and to move that around you have to tilt it as though it is a refredigerator on a hand truck. And they did not have the assisted shocks to let the track down. The F-63 gives you a cheapee water bottle. I am going at a certain speed and want a goup of water and the lid comes off spilling the water on my treadmill. I will have to shop around for a better qaulity water bottle. I got a Dicks store card and got intrest free for 12 months for easy paying. i was looking at the 15" LCD DVD tv on the stand. I think thats the cheapest I have seen on the web. They dont have extended warrentees which is a disadvatage. Some things you dont need extended warrentees and others you do. Like my Plasma TV I spent 300 dollars for the extended warrentee and never used it. And yet my air condtioner unit outside the labor was good for only a year and the coils went on it 1 month after the labor contract expired and I had to pay 750.00 to fix it. The book for the treadmill says you have to lube the track every 600 hours and if the belt gets a little out of alinemnt theres set screws in the back. Hopefuly I will never have to adjust the allinement. Well if it operates as good as it did the litlle 3 hours I used it and works as well as years to come I will be a very happy person

  • Amazon Customer - my skin feels completely different since I started using these ...

    my skin feels completely different since I started using these of course you need to use with the time wise face wash and moisture.. WORHT THE MONEY

  • ceecee - It works great and my kids loves it

    My kids are still little so I need this bath mat for them to use so they are not slipping in the bathtub. It works great and my kids loves it. we have it in the shower that they are using and it feels soft too so it’s like a cushion for the feet. It’s comes in a white color so it just blends in with the tub. Great for kids and adults too.

  • Michael P. Brady - Great Program, Great Price and Value

    Great Value for an excellent product. I prepared 5 tax returns for myself and friends with ease. They think I am a genius ! I will continue to use the download for years to come as I have for the past 5 years. It's nice to have the program transfer personal information from previous years to the next years return. Saves time. It takes about 30 minutes to do each of the returns that I prepared. NICE !!

  • Hasel - Does a great job!

    Wonderful! All it takes to become a believer is to see the used water after using this machine on what you 'thought' was an already clean floor! And if you think about it, it just makes sense that it is better to have continuous clean water rather than using the dirty water in a mop bucket. It's easy to fill and to change the water and clean the filter. And with this machine you can completely finish the floor one section at a time. You vacuum a section, switch to mop, switch to dry and you are completely finished with that section of floor. This is especially helpful when it is necessary to move furniture. I use the Hoover cleaning product and it works very well on my hard wood floors. But I guess you could use any other wood floor cleaner that can be mixed with water.

  • Kindle Customer - ... of oil is a problem -hopefully the machine performs better then the

    I opened the box 3 weeks ago after buying last year -will only run for 30 seconds than stop been working on it for the 3 weeks off and on -checking airflow and spark but same issue only worked for 30 seconds than died -so i read the Amazon feedback and someone wrote the box was oil soaked and leaked into the airfilter --when i had removed the blower from the box i remember it was oil soaked and half the bottle was gone -I just removed the airfilter and the machine is working -music to my ears-so I had the same issue -the packaging for the bottle of oil is a problem -hopefully the machine performs better then the packaging