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Mónica Gómez, terapeuta nutricional y holística, terapia Dra. Hulda Clark - CyberScan: medicina Cuántica y Energética del siglo XXI, dieta del Tipo Metabólico según la genética de cada persona

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  • Ms. Reta A. Mckannan - Bad experience!

    This was horrible! THe key card numbers were fraudulent, and I bought two of them. I got very specific email instructions as to how to use them and it became evident from the outset of trying to use them that the numbers were bogus and in fact I had been robbed of my money. I am now hoping that Amazon will make good on their guarantees - we called Microsoft and the product keys were not Microsoft product keys - they were bogus.

  • Jessica L. - Meh. Not My Cup of Tea.

    These has a lot of great reviews, but I personally did not like it. It has a nice concept, but unfortunately, the stick does not work as well as I had hoped. It has a sticker on the end to keep the powder from falling out. Once you remove the sticker, you are supposed to stick in your drink and stir and hypothetically the powder should just stir into your drink easily. It doesn't. The water mixing with the powder just makes what is inside the stick clumpy and hard to get out. I had to bang the stick against my glass multiple times trying to get the powder out. I never was able to get it all fully out of the stick.

  • Fathima - Explains concepts need more practice questions

    simple hesi A2 study guide . It covers all the concepts in Hesi A2 exams it explains well with examples. It great way to start if wondering how this exam will be as it provides guidance explaining how different concept appears in exam . It has few typos or say grammatical errors but that's fine we can spot these clear errors . Overall a great study guide that teaches to the point but need extra Indepth knowledge it's better to refer some more books and videos before exams to be well prepared for the exam.

  • Amazon Customer - Exciting and unique from start to finish

    Cannot express how good these books were. Cannot wait to read the next 2 books and see where the adventure goes

  • mailorder - Nero 2012 Platinum customer

    I haven't tried this version, the reason I automatically gave it a bad review is the following. I bought Nero in the past. I got the 2012 Platinum version. I have redone my pc several times. I went to reinstall so I could watch a movie with my kids and got a message that my legit product key activation failed. They limit you, even though it says that the software never expires. So now I have to wait to see if I will even get a response and can't watch the movie with the kids because of their poorly designed activation setup. I would like to know if they still use the same system for activation. The only thing I get is an option to upgrade to 2016 or contact Technical Support. It also says they no longer support legacy products, so where does that leave me? I am not paying you more money Nero, you can forget it. I will find a company that is loyal to existing customers. Buyer be ware, you might think you have a lasting product because it says it never expires, but they can remotely disable your software, even if you did nothing wrong.