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Taylored For You - Taylored for You created by Michelle Thornton-Taylor, a pharmacist who wishes to share her knowledge and love of pharmacy. This website will post the latest findings in drug therapies, helpful tips in managing your health problems, possible suggestions and ways to help pay for your medication therapies. Questions you should ask your medical professional when diagnosed with health issues.

  • http://www.taylored4you.net/features/plan_c/ So What is Plan C « Taylored For You - Plan B One-Step is a levonorgestrel containing medication indicated for emergency contraception where unprotected intercourse has occurred or known contraception has failed.
  • http://www.taylored4you.net/features/quick_quiet/ Drowning is Quick and Quiet « Taylored For You - Drowning is Quick and Quiet! In Florida, drowning deaths of children age 5 is the highest in the nation. Enough children drown each year in Florida to fill about four (4) pre-school classrooms. It happens year around, but is most prevalent in the months of Spring and Summer.
  • http://www.taylored4you.net/features/best_secret/ Best Kept Secret « Taylored For You - Needymeds.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that devotes it time researching for resources to help people. Please understand that Needymeds.org does not provide financial assistance.

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  • Amazon Customer - Made my hair smell

    Smells wonderful in package! Only used this product on my twist out which came out cute but made my hair smell horrible. I had to rewash my hair because it smelled. Disappointed but I do like the curl maker!

  • Thaddeus D. Holdinghausen - it works

    i've only used it to clone 1 hard drive (i upgraded from a 320GB to a 1 TB. So far there is no loss of functionality or files.

  • Dan Kelleher - Love this game

    Love this game. I got it for the kids so they could have some fun and workout too. They love it. Even has a calories burned counter. Overall great game and good songs to dance to. This game is a fun workout but only effective if you put the effort in to actually do all the moves.

  • liam - Great Art Software

    Works well with windows devices and can be used to create great art work. There are a few glitches and bugs but nothing too large. I found it to take a bit of time to get used to but after that I was able to work at a proper rate.

  • Stephen E. Oboczky - Do not buy!

    Do not buy! Limits your choices to keurig coffees only, others will not work. This is a sad attempt for keurig to recover lost profits after the patent on k-cups expired. Don't like competition keurig? Try making a innovative or better product instead of bullying your customers! Not me keurig..........

  • Terrie Longworth - My hand are not so unlikely now

    After a little practice this a very nice job of keeping some length to my nails. I have my Hands in dishwater and cleaner all the time. This make them thin and brittle. There are always nicks and cracks but with this trimmer it is a quick and easy repair. My hands are looking better

  • cruisin60 - sugar spikes

    Tried to locate the ingredients for this product by could not find it. It seemed as if shortly after taking the shakes, my sugar spiked and I am a diabetic. After a couple of days of having very high sugar levels, I gave all my products away. Not recommended for diabetics.