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Biomarker Services - Targos GmbH - Targos core biomarker service business is to provide highly standardized development and application of clinical biomarkers for the international pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry.

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  • wabbitt - Solid

    Wish I didn't need it but it does the job. Previous poster was right about needing longer screws than what was in the kit but I found them at my local Lowes for less than $1. 12mm did the trick

  • Tristan Stolz - Solved my uti problems

    My doctor recommended a more concentrated cranberry pill for my constant utis/kidney infections. since I have put these into my daily regimen I haven't had any problem or even a burning at all. From what I'm hearing cranberry pills are the first step to solving your uti problems. I will never go off of these. Just make sure you are drinking enough water with them.