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  • Robert F. James - Restore is a disaster

    This product is very expensive and a total rip-off. I applied the product pursuant to instructions, which did not say anything about totally sanding my deck first. It looked great for the first couple of months, but now only about six months after application it has cracked and peeled off in large sheets. I now have a total mess which is going to require the complete removal of this junk before I can try to salvage my deck.

  • Frances E. Hagaman - Placebo? Will take anyway as it works.!

    Although I have only taken this for a couple of weeks along with hyluronic acid by neocell. I think I feel better. At 78 and active workout in gym 3x a week have a stiff lower back and hips in am. Not severe enough to take an Aleve or other pain killer. My bone density shows osterpenia not osteoporosisj .Even if this is a placebo effect I will take it. NO side effects. WHen I practiced medicine I gave lots of Rx that only had 70% effectiveness.AS with all supplements of this type I advise to take for at least three months before giving up. Have to remember not to have morning coffee or food for 30 minutes and it works for me to take second dose on empty stomach and wait 30 minutes before evening meal.So placebo or not I plan to continue taking it.

  • Baker lady - QB 2012

    I just upgraded to QB 2012 and love it! I have been using QB for a dozen years and have found it to be a very easy system to use. I have run into a problem once or twice (self inflicted) and was very aptly helped by the support site. The people there are very helpful and accomodating. I find Amazon to be exceedingly prompt with their shipping and have very fair pricing.

  • Susan Heagerty - Worst Customer Service!!!!

    The Perricone MD web site is very misleading and when questioned about it ---- the were rude and unwilling to listen to customer comments with any interest. They may have a decent product but I will never know. The customer service and indifference they showed has steered me way clear of their product line.

  • Cymoril - Tasty Beauty Supplement!

    I received a free sample of this from Smiley360, and I couldn't be happier! They are tasty, it's super easy to remember to take them since I keep the bottle at work (though weekends sometimes get skipped if I leave the bottle there, oops), and I have noticed that my hair is shinier and more manageable. My nails and skin have not improved, but I assume it takes times. Regardless, it is great not to have to swallow capsules, since I have enough normal medications to take every morning, and now I wish actual gummy candy tasted this good and had the same texture. I'm terrible even at remembering to take my regular medications, and vitamins are important. I plan on looking into the rest of their vitamin line as well.