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Susan Conley, Author. - Susan Conley is an American novelist, poet, and creative writing professor. She lives in Portland, Maine, with her young sons Thorne and Aidan, and her husband, Tony Kieffer. Her memoir The Foremost Good Fortune was released in February 2011 and her first novel, Paris Was the Place, was released in August 2013.

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  • G.Mckee - Swiss army tripe!

    Awful! The corkscrew attachment is at the extreme edge of the tool, meaning that whenever I open a bottle of wine (3-5 times of an evening) I have to wildly swing the entire tool around causeing utter havoc. Last time I uncorked a bottle I performed minor surgery on my wife who was standing in the next room. I also started a small fire, caught a rabbit in a snare and managed to signal the coast guard that I was in danger. And when I came to remove the cork I jerked upwardsley and as I did so I removed a stone from a horses shoe and shaped some nearby branches Into rudimentary defensive spears. Every new bottle brings more elaborate shenanigans into our lives. Some have suggested I stop drinking corked wine but that is just the talk of a psychopath. I shall be returning this for a full refund and say the only people with use for this tool are Boy Scouts with exceptionally long pockets.

  • Scott P. Richards - These gummy bears taste great. You can't even tell they're sugar free

    Just read all the other reviews. These gummy bears taste great. You can't even tell they're sugar free. The green frothy liquid that comes out of you with intestinal cramping after eating too many of these is a different story.

  • Deal_H2 - The 2016 Civic Touring model is great. It feels like a luxury car with the ...

    The 2016 Civic Touring model is great. It feels like a luxury car with the premium materials and looks. The ride handling is great and the car is so quiet.

  • Heidy morales - Great product!

    Worked perfectly during a 3 day music festival/camping trip! Kept 9 phones charged all weekend and had plenty of battery life left. Probably could have gone another couple of days! Great product!

  • Jon W. Durr - Non Functional/ The Program was unable to remember previous reconciliation balances.

    I have used Quickbooks for the Mac more than 10 years. Even though the company is very unfriendly to Mac users in that they do not upgrade for the new operating systems but charge full price and require the purchase of a completely new program. This last purchase was my last. The program was unstable. It would only remember the previously reconciled balance part of the time. In trying to fix this it destroyed all the previous years of records. I will not use this product again. There is no adequate help.

  • Gary R. Danforth - RID-X Septic System Treatment: Concentrated

    this product is a good one for keeping your pipes & septic tank clear of any build up. i use it once a week as directed. my order shipped promptly & arrived in an undamaged carton