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  • Ladeejay - That ending though!!!!!!!

    Whatttttt in the funk!!!!! So Chinx really salty huh, yea ok with your crooked self!! Majesty and Royal belong together!!! Lisa Imma need you to sit da funk down somewhere with your dehydrated, snake tail!!! Chrissy J put the FI in fiyahhhhhh with her pen!!!!

  • Amanda A Meyer - Better sleep for allergy suffer

    Strips have helped to nix the snoring I do while all the allergies I have. The residue on your nose is stubborn and a quick washing of the face before leaving (as I've went to work with residue on my nose still) is highly recommended.

  • Marc Driscoll - Six months later, I wouldn't be without it!

    I researched this product after it was recommended to me, and like a lot of people, I was skeptical. The science appeared sound, but anything can be made to sound good. I was having a lot of arthritis pain, and generally felt less energetic than I used to. After just a couple weeks of the CellFood on a daily basis, my pain was lessened, my energy increased, and I have no doubt that CellFood was the main cause. For a couple weeks I had to do without it because I couldn't afford a new bottle, and after a while I noticed a reduction in energy and a return to some pain - not to previous levels, but enough. I was glad to get back on the regimen. Highly recommended!!

  • Debra - I love this thermometer

    I love this thermometer. I have an autistic son who hates to have his temperature taken because he does not like to put a thermometer in his mouth. I have been wanting to get one like this for a while but they just cost too much in the store. I was able to get this through AMZ Review Trader at a reduced cost just for leaving a review.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Little TV

    Needed a small TV in our bedroom and this fit perfectly. We use it HD and the image and color are excellent. And we have used it a lot without a single problem. We did buy the extra 3 yr warranty for $25 as we do with all TVS but hope not to use it.

  • R. Martini - I just used this... please be careful!

    There is no doubt, that this will remove any and all rust stains you may have on toilets, sinks, showers, etc.