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  • Dalene's Book Reviews - Great book

    I received this book from the author as a gift. This story has everything I love in paranormal story. I did feel like I was missing something when I first started reading as I haven't read the first two books yet. The storyline and world building is awesome. The characters are well defined and written. I can't wait to get my hands on the first two books and then those that will follow this one. Golden has done a great job writing this book and building these characters and its world.

  • JANG J. - This is pretty good game with my kid who are 6 years ...

    This is pretty good game with my kid who are 6 years old. Very funny and lots of episodes. however check point sometimes didn't be saved

  • Katherine - Solid performance in a small package

    I bought this as a birthday present for my mother, who has had chronic back pain since a car accident ten years ago. As both of us have lots of experience with e-stim machines in a physical therapy environment, we were familiar with what we were looking for in a home use machine. I'm happy to say this does not disappoint. The instructions are very easy to follow, the pads are strongly adhesive, yet easy to maneuver to different areas, and the control pad is easy to read and understand, with the arrows providing clear direction for stronger or milder stimulation. This provided instant relief that lasted through the night and the next day, and was much more cost effective than a visit to the chiropractor. Very happy with this.

  • Kim De La Peza - LOVE THIS TRAP

    LOVE THIS TRAP!! I knew I HAD a squirrel problem, but didn't realize how bad until I started trapping them. Within first 4 hours I trapped 10. By day 4, I'd trapped 65....yes, 65. I put one trap inside my chicken coop and still caught many squirrels in the trap despite having an open feeder full of chicken food. Had contacted 3 exterminators prior and all said I had to use poison to kill the squirrels. Not True! This trap did the trick. I still catch an occasional squirrel that wanders over from neighbors yard, but I've controlled the squirrel chaos at my home. Both my neighbor and my father have purchased that traps as a result of my recommendation and both r just a pleased and satisfied. Best solution to control a squirrel population!

  • Lloyd - Everything I was expecting and more!

    Loving using this product so far. I have an older car with an older stereo, and it's always been a pain to secure my phone when I would hook it up with auxiliary cords.

  • Terri Sidell, IL. - The Arthritis Cure

    I wanted more information on Avocado Soybean Unsaponifiables, and Dr.Jason Theodosakis wrote about its benefits in his book The Arthritis Cure. He also wrote about other diseases that affect the joints such as Bursitis, Tendonitis, and Gout that I found interesting.

  • Matthew Miller - Fits great '15 rzr s900

    Very simple to install. The instructions that are included clearly walk you through the installation. The only problem I have with the product is, the included rubber trim piece that you slide over the lower edge of the door insert doesn't stay on very well. Other than that its great.