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  • Brian Budge - high quality protein, but stick with the vanilla

    Seriously, this stuff tastes a bit like bubalicious... only more artificially flavored. I have been using the vanilla plant fusion for a couple of years, and really like it. I saw the chocolate berry and thought it sounded good, but it tastes really artificial. I think the protein is good quality, but I'll pass on this flavor in the future.

  • Dave Gott - I absolutely love the vault within my center console

    I bought this product over 6 months ago and wanted to wait some time until I reviewed it. I absolutely love the vault within my center console. The installation was extremely easy, I am not tool savvy, yet it took me all of 15 minutes during sunset with little light. You do have the option of upgrading to a 4 combination lock, I think it was around 35 dollars extra. I am constantly throwing my sunglasses, wallet, and phone in there. If I had a girlfriend, I could probably use it to throw her clutch in there as the vault is quite spacious. Setting the original combination was also painless, and re-entry is fast. This product is extremely well made and provides me with the security of knowing when I am at the beach (which is every weekend), nothing in my car is in danger.

  • Geraldine Lanier - An Incredible Guide!

    If it weren't for this wonderful book I would've been at my wits end with my novel revisions and query planning by now. Instead of flipping through the pages and randomly selecting articles, as well as racing to the end of the book for the publishers and agents listings, I decided to read this entire guide from the beginning to the end. I'm so glad I did, not only because of the breadth of the inspiring interviews with noted authors, including Newbery winner Katherine Applegate and Goosebumps series storyteller R.L. Stine, but also because, for me, this methodical reading asserted the fact that children's book writers and illustrators, at any level and genre, are in the same boat.

  • Jeff J. - So far, so good!

    I was contemplating getting just the Ninja blender, when I saw the 1500 system. It has everything you need: a huge blender, a food processor (which I was also wanting) and the single serve cups. I can now get rid of my magic bullet! I've had the Ninja 1500 for two weeks now. I've made smoothies in it 4 times and pizza dough twice. Never had a problem with it, so far. Yes, it is noisy, but I don't think it's any louder than anything else out there, and if it is, you're not running it for hours anyway. Yes, the lid is a tiny bit hard to remove, but I'd rather have it that way than to have it come loose where it could fly off while in use, or come off when I was pouring something. I am so happy with this system. I got mine for $189.00 at Meijer. I'm just sorry I didn't buy it on the ninja site, where it comes with a 5 year warranty instead of just the 1 year warranty I got. Other than that, I would recommend this system highly! And I do not work for Ninja or Meijer!!

  • Dakota winstead - I love this system

    I love this system. I started to see results in 3 days. It is not as harsh as I have read in other reviews. I experienced no burning or redness. The only down fall was the Step 3 product witch is a moisturizer and medicine, tend to make my skin oily and shine. My face is naturally very oily so if yours is I would use very little moisturizer, not much is needed. That is why I gave it 4 stars. But overall Iam very happy with this product.

  • Southcbishop - Amazing read. Couldn't put it down, much to girlfriend's dismay.

    This publication is the pinnacle of riveting storytelling! I loved every moment of it. SPOILER ALERT! The Brown Wedding scene was shocking and horrific and amazing! As soon as I read that the Winds of Wastemere were played I knew ALL of the wooden toilet seats I came to love were in trouble. Terrible and intense. Two thumbs up!

  • Heidi Lopez - No more grazing

    I used to be a big time grazer with food. Would pick at it all day, which is awful when you are trying to lose weight. I started taking this product a week ago now and I havent had any issues with grazing! Im able to eat normally, no sweets cravings and ive seen some improvement with energy as well!