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Sports Injuries | Knee Injuries | SSOC - SSOC provides a 24 hours ER assessment service for your orthopaedic and sporting injuries, including all peripheral joint injuries.

  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/ Knee Injury | Knee Replacement | Sports Clinic - List of the various Knee Injuries, including exercise and traumatic injuries as well as procedures.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/anterior-cruciate-ligament-acl-injuries/ Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries | Orthopaedic Clinic - Your Anterior Cruciate Ligament can be injured in several ways, from changing direction rapidly, slowing down when running or even landing from a jump .
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/knee-sprain/ Sport Injuries | Knee Sprain | Knee Injuries | SSOC - There are various risk factors that increase your chances of spraining your knee. SOCC offers treatment and tips on preventing a knee sprain.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/kneecap-bursitis/ Kneecap Injuries | Sports Injuries | Orthopaedic Clinic - Kneecap injury prevention and rehabilitation exercises at Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic for professional and non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/meniscal-tear/ Meniscal Tear | Knee Injury | Sport Orthopaedic Clinic - SSOC offers tips on preventing, rehabilitating, exercises surgery is required for meniscal tear.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/patellar-tendinitis/ Patellar Tendinitis, Sports Injury | Orthopaedic Clinic - Treatment for Patellar Tendinitis and injuries carried out at SSOC for professional and non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/posterior-cruciate-ligament-pcl-injuries/ PCL Injuries | Knee Ligament | Sport Orthopaedic Clinic - A proper rehabilitation program is the key to improving sports performance after a PCL injury. Do's and Don'ts on PCL injuries by SSOC.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/iliotibial-band-syndrome-itb/ Knee Injuries | ITB Injuries | Sport Orthopaedic Clinic - The iliotibial band, stabilising of the outside of the knee, can become inflamed leading to pain with movement in very common in runners due to training too much or increasing intensity too soon.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/exercise-or-traumatic-injuries/water-on-the-knee/ Knee Injuries | Water on the Knees | Orthopaedic Clinic - Water on the knee means there is a increased amount of fluid inside the knee, this has many causes like blood (Haemarthosis), inflammatory or reactive inflammatory.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/procedures/anterior-cruciate-ligament-reconstruction/ ACL Injury | ACL Reconstruction | Orthopaedic Clinic - A torn ACL does not heal and to continue on living an active lifestyle, surgery may be the treatment of choice to stabilise the knee.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/procedures/arthroscopy-meniscus-and-cartilage-repair/ Knee Injury | Meniscus Injury | Orthopaedic Clinic - Meniscus, The knees own shock absorbers, when injured does not heal itself as it has no blood supply and most meniscal surgeries involve removing the torn piece.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/knee-injuries/procedures/uni-compartment-total-knee-replacements/ Total Knee Replacements | Sports Orthopaedic Clinic - Uni and total knee replacement at the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic for professional and non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/about-us/ About Us | Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic - The Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic, based in the beautiful Cape suburb of Newlands, employ a leading team of specialists to provide patients with the best possible orthopaedic care.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/about-us/doctors-profiles/ Orthopaedic Surgeons | Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic - Meet our on site doctors here at Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic offering the best orthopaedic services with some of the industry’s best experience.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/about-us/doctors-profiles/dr-willem-van-der-merwe/ Dr Willem van der Merwe | Orthopaedic Surgeon - Dr. Willem van der Merwe, president of South African Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, one of our on site doctors here at Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/about-us/contact-us/ Contact Us | Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic - Contact Information and location to Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic located in Newlands, Cape Town.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/blog/ Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic Blog - For the latest Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic news on Separated shoulder treatment and surgery performed at SSOC
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/biological-healing/ Biological Healing | Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic - One of Sports Science Orthopaedics Clinic’s main focuses is Biological healing getting the client the best kind of healing plan for them.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/biological-healing/prp-injections/ PRP Injections | Meniscus Injuries | SSOC - PRP Injections carried out at the Sports Science Orthopaedic Clinic for professional and non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/biological-healing/meniscal-repair/ Meniscal Repair | Sport Science Orthopaedic Clinic - Meniscal Repair, avascular structure within the knee, offered by SSOC for professional and non-professional sportsmen and sportswomen
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/rehabilitation/disadvantaged-program/ Sports Injuries Cape Town | Sport Orthopaedic Clinic - SSOC offers an acute sports injury emergency facility for top sports people and the public including Stormers and Western Province rugby players.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/rehabilitation/grucox-bioskills-lab/ Eccentric Training | Grucox | Orthopaedic Clinic - The Grucox Eccentric Trainer is an interactive leg training machine combining eccentric and concentric exercises, while keeping track of performance data.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/sports-science-radiology/ Sports Science Radiology | Sports Orthopaedic Clinic - SSOC offers MRI, diagnostic ultrasound, PACS and X-ray facilities for injuries such as muscle tears, ligament strains.
  • http://www.ssoc.co.za/life-sports-science-orthopaedic-surgical-day-centre/ Types of Knee Surgeries | Orthopaedic Surgical Centre - Different types of knee surgeries available from the Sports Science Orthopaedic Surgical Day Centre in Newlands

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