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    I tried these products on the recommendation of my sister in law and her friend from college who sells it. I did the ultimate pack with the pills, shakes and the patch. I did this first about 5 weeks. First I will say it is way to expensive but the people who sell this are goid saleswomen/men. They got me by offering to give me the patches for free. So I spent the $154 for a months supply of the rest of the products. I took the products for 5 weeks and decided not to continue because of the cost and I really didn't feel a "wow" feeling with the results. So I stopped taking it on a Friday night. By Sunday I had the worst stiffness in my neck and a massive headache. I thought I had the flu or meningitis until I almost went to the hospital. I got to thinking "what have a done or what did I do to feel so sick?" Then it hit me....I stopped taking THRIVE! My husband told me to take the product since I had 4 day supply left and see what happens. I did and magically I felt better. Headache went away and neck felt better. I will be weaning off the next few days and will NEVER take this product again. I am so disappointed in myself for not researching better about the ingredients in these products. Do yourself a favor people...there us no healthy way to lose weight and get in shape EXCEPT watching what we eat and exercise. Companies that peddle these products should be held accountable for the harm it does. I hold myself accountable for just being stupid. PLEASE do not take this product.

  • O.K. - Decent so far -- needs stability fixes

    I used to run an Apple time capsule/airport extreme AC network. Everything seamlessly worked until it didn't. I'd have to reboot the entire network every couple of days and my speed suffered significantly. I think Apple's gear isn't really designed to channel hop and so if there's interference on whatever channel it chose when booting up, you're pretty much left with subpar performance.