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Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy Clinic | Stem Cell Therapy - Sportsmed Biologic provide broad based Sports Medicine, Interventional Medicine (cellular medicine), Physiotherapy and Elite Rehabilitation in Box Hill.

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  • Bob Hughes - Great Picture, Lousy Documentation, Questionable choices on configuration.

    I choose 3 stars so that this review might get noticed by someone else who was considering this unit, that will be hooking it into an AV amp.

  • Marissa Hopkins - What a FUN Float!!

    I knew this package had arrived because I got the text message. So I let my daughter (who didn't know about it) open the package. All it showed was something that was kind of heavy and white plastic. So she opened it up and unfolded this massive unicorn. It is HUGE!! It's awesome! We had to get a pump to blow the thing up. None of us had the lung capacity. It is so CUTE!! It can fit like three people or one person can lay down. I love this float. I can't wait to get it in the pool! *I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

  • Sunbear - Not A Panacea But Worth It

    Thanks to recommendations in other customer reviews that this was not an instant cure but needed behavior modification to get the best results, my expectations were reasonable and met. This is a tool in a process. July 4th, the worst holiday for dog owners, was much better this year for us with the Thundershirt. One thing is the size runs small. I have a 20 pound terrier and the small did not fit him. I had to size up to a medium.