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Spaulding Clinical: Research Beyond Results - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical: Clinical Research Organization (CRO) - Clinical Trials, Core-Lab, Data Management

  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/newsletter-signup Newsletter Signup - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical Research, LLC (SCR) is a full-service CRO providing Phase I Drug Development and Core ECG Laboratory Services in support of studies throughout all phases of development. SCR operates a 200-bed, fully paperless, Clinical Pharmacology Unit featuring 96, full 12-lead telemetry beds and a 12-bed unit for First-in-Human /SAD/MAD trials.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/messagefromceo Message From CEO - Spaulding Clinical - Randy Spaulding focuses on the highest quality data and standards of safety coupled with the most advanced technology the market has to offer.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/approach Our Approach - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical Research employs real-time data and integrated technology systems to optimize Phase I clinical testing solutions and cut overall costs.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/expertise 150-Plus Years in Cardiac Care, Safety, & Technology - Spaulding Clinical - The staff at Spaulding Clinical is well-trained in clinical research and has a broad understanding of cardiac safety and Thorough QT/TQT Studies.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/people The Senior Management Team - Spaulding Clinical - The Senior Management Team have done a tremendous job using today's latest technologies to deliver a unique cost-effective clinical research solution.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/community Community is the United Way - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical is not only looking to make a world of difference in clinical research solutions, but has other wishful community-related initiatives.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/facility Our Phase I Clinical Pharmacology Facility - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical, located in West Bend, WI, has created a next generation Phase I clinical research facility and pharmacology unit for human drug trials.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/about/directions Google Map Directions to Our Facility - Spaulding Clinical - Spaulding Clinical Research Headquarters is located at 525 S. Silverbrook Drive, West Bend, Wisconsin 53095 USA. Visit our website today!
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/clinical-research/clinpharm/study-environment Study Environment - Spaulding Clinical - At Spaulding Clinical Research, we've built a study environment that ensures efficiency, retention, and better comfort for our devoted volunteer studies.
  • http://www.spauldingclinical.com/index.php/clinical-research/clinpharm/case-studies Case Studies - Spaulding Clinical - Our case studies highlight ways in which Spaulding Clinical has met and exceeded the specific needs of various clients.

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