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  • Bill Benton - Good Motherboard

    First off this was the second motherboard I ordered. The first was an Asus board. It was received damaged (two of the PCI locking clips were broken off by loose contents in the box). This motherboard is packaged for success. Inside the box you will find the motherboard encased in a really hard plastic case that protects the motherboard from shock and compacting damage. You could probably drop a brick on the case without rupturing it or damaging any components on the motherboard. The board fired up and posted without a hitch and works perfectly.

  • Lindsay W. - The more milk plus worked for me! It increased ...

    The more milk plus worked for me! It increased my milk supply within two days. My only complaint is that it's pricey and you have to take 3 capsules a day if you're over a certain weight so you can go through a lot of these very quickly and I found it a little hard to remember to take it three times a day!

  • Anon - Read It In 1996 - Followed It - Alive Today

    I was diagnosed with medium grade, T-cell, lymphoma(NHL) in October of 1995. I had horrible responses to standard chemotherapy and was ultimately transplanted (autologous BMT) in April of 1996. Everything failed. I finally gave up chemotherapy in November of 1996 after being told by doctors I was incurable. The cancer had spread from my lungs to my peripheral nervous system and skin (CTCL). I started researching ways to help myself. Read many books, one of which was "The Cancer Battle Plan". Yes, the plan does seem a little extreme, but let me tell you, it did get me back on my feet... I followed everything the book outlined regarding the two week detox program (except I couldn't stomach the Tea tree oil). I'm still alive today and actually still have cancer (8 years without remission, and 6 years since giving up converntional therapy)... it is not detectable by any medical test, but I still feel it via neuropathy in my nerves in the lower legs. Since the day I started the "Battle Plans" two week detox my symptoms have slowly and gradually (yet sweetly) receeded. My Oncologists are stumped. I've read some opionions criticising non-conventional therapies for giving patients "false hope" and I just have to say hope may have been and what STILL keeps me alive. Conventional therapy only keeps 50% of all patients alive for 5 years. If you ask me, there isn't "true hope" for any cancer patient. What you do have AND control is the ability to help yourself beyond what your oncologist will subscribe. Nutritional methods of supplementing your battle are NOTHING BUT logical. Conventional methods of cancer treatments are designed to reduce tumor bulk, but they do not remove all the cancer. Your body is what finishes it off, and if it is no shape to do so after cancer and radiation... the cancer comes back with even more vengeance. Did this book cure me? I can't say because I did a lot of other things to help my self out since giving up chemo, but, this book is nothing but valuable to any reader and I've recommeded it to MANY other fellow battlers.

  • Kate - easy to fold up and pop out

    everything we hoped it would be! easy to fold up and pop out, easy to throw in and out of the back of our van. easy for running, walking, trails, roads, off-road, etc. great investment!

  • A Customer - Good Product but should be Integrated into a Utility Suite

    It's a Good Product but should be Integrated into a Utility Suite. It should be part of an antivirus protection package. Other than that criticism, it has been quite effective in keeping our computers safe.