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Home - South Shore Dermatology Physicians (SSDP) has Board-certified dermatologists who provide medical, surgical and cosmetic skin care for children and adults.

  • http://www.southshorederm.com/physicians SSDP | Dr. Briceno | Dr. Chang | Dr. Ritt | Dr. Shroff-Mehta - SSDP's Board-certified dermatologists have years of training and experience in medical, surgical & cosmetic dermatology for the skin, hair & nails.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/services Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Medical and Cosmetic dermatology procedures are performed at South Shore Dermatology Physicians as well as offering skin care products to keep skin healthy.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/your-visit Visit South Shore Dermatology Physicians | Easton | Brockton MA - SSDP requests patients complete many forms before the first visit. SSDP offers a full examination of your skin & will answer questions about your skin..
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/news-of-ssdp South Shore Dermatology Physicians News | Brockton | Easton MA - Medical and cosmetic dermatology news and information provided by South Shore Dermatology Physicians, serving Brockton, Easton and the surrounding areas.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/directions Directions to South Shore Dermatology Physicians | Easton MA - South Shore Dermatology Physicians in Easton, MA, has Board-certified dermatologists who provide medical, surgical & cosmetic skin care for their patients.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology Acne Treatment | Eczema Treatment | Skin Cancer Detection | Easton - SSDP dermatologists are Board certified, experienced in treating skin, hair, nails. SSDP treats common and hard-to-diagnose conditions in children, adults.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/acne Acne Treatment | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton - SSDP acne treatments may include topical medications, antibiotics, isotretinoin (Accutane), individualized skin care regimens, and Blu-u Light Therapy.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/eczema-dermatitis Eczema/Dermatitis | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Eczema or dermatitis is used to describe a group of inflamed, itchy skin conditions. Moisturizers, creams, ointments, oral meds can control the itch.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/moles-birthmarks-skin-lesions Moles/Birthmarks | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Moles & birthmarks are skin spots, patches that range in color from tan, brown, and black (moles) to pink, red, or purple (blood vessels). Most are benign.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/pre-cancerous-skin-lesions Pre-Cancerous Skin Lesions | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton - Actinic keratoses are precancerous skin lesions that occur on sun-exposed areas of the skin. Fair-skinned people who spend time in the sun are susceptible.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/psoriasis Psoriasis | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Psoriasis is a red, scaly, skin condition, generally appears in teens & adults, sometimes children. There are many different ways to treat psoriasis.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/rashes Rashes | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - A rash is a change in the skin's color or texture. Simple rashes are called dermatitis, which means the skin is inflamed, swollen, & usually, itchy.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/rosacea Rosacea | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder which usually appears on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead. It affects fair-skinned people who flush or blush easily.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/skin-cancer Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton - Three kinds of skin cancer are diagnosed & treated by SSDP's dermatologists: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, & malignant melanoma.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/skin-checks Skin Cancer Screening | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - SSDP dermatologists encourage patients to undergo full skin examinations regularly to detect suspicious moles, birthmarks or growths on their skin.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/skin-infections Skin Infections | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Skin infections may be caused by bacteria, a fungus, viruses, or yeast. They generally begin in an area where there is a change or break in the skin.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/sun-damage Sun Damage | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - Sun damage & photoaging are terms used to describe the visible skin changes caused by long-term ultraviolet light exposure. Sun damage is treated at SSDP.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/medical-surgical-dermatology/warts Warts | Medical/Surgical Dermatology | Easton MA - SSDP treats warts with over-the-counter preparations, freezing applications, in-office procedures, topical acids, excision & a prescription cream.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology Botox | Chemical Peels | Laser Hair Removal | Brockton | Easton - SSDP offers medically supervised, cosmetic dermatology services. Our Board-certified dermatologists, nurses are trained to care for your skin, hair, nails.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/acne-scar-treatment Acne Scar Treatment | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Chemical peels make skin smoother and help treat acne scarring and uneven skin color. V-Beam Laser reduces red acne scars and marks.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/acne-treatment Acne Treatment | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Blu-u LIght Treatment treats acne with light instead of medication. Safe, FDA approved. Chemical peels reduce acne bumps, unclog pores. Smooth, clear skin.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/age-spot-removal Age Spot Removal | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Treat, remove, reduce age spots, sun damage, photo aging with cosmetic cryotherapy, chemical peels, Vitalize Peel, Rejuvenize Peel, V-Beam Laser Treatment.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/benign-growth-removal Benign Growth Removal | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Cosmetic cryotherapy and cosmetic electrocautery remove unsightly benign skin growths. Milia/Comedone Extraction removes unwanted whiteheads, blackheads.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/broken-blood-vessel-removal Broken Blood Vessel Removal| Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - V-Beam Laser reduces redness, broken blood vessels, rosacea, chronic sun damage. It also treats red acne scars, angiomas, lentigines, redness on neck.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/earlobe-repair Earbobe Repair | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - This minimally invasive outpatient procedure can close holes that are no longer desired, and repair earlobes that have been torn or stretched.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/excess-hair-removal Excess Hair Removal | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Lasers safely, effectively remove unwanted hair with minimal discomfort, fewer complications than other methods. Fast reduction in growth of unwanted hair.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/frown-line-reduction Frown Line Reduction | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Neurotoxins known as Botox, Dysport improve moderate-to-severe frown lines between the eyebrows, on the forehead. Also used on the outer aspects of eyes.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/redness-rosacea-reduction Redness/Rosacea Reduction | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - V-Beam Laser reduces facial redness & broken blood vessels caused by rosacea or chronic sun damage. It may be used to treat acne scars, angiomas, and more.
  • http://www.southshorederm.com/cosmetic-dermatology/scar-reduction Scar Reduction | Cosmetic Dermatology | Easton MA - Superficial scarring can be improved with chemical peels & V-Beam Laser Treatment at SSDP. Enjoy smoother, clearer skin after just a few treatments.

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