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  • Zeke - Value and Performance

    When you order "AmazonBasics", you expect to get.... the basic. That's exactly what I paid for and it is exactly what I received. The item is as describes and after a month of use, seems to work very well. It has no problem transferring audio and video from my Mac to a TV - works like a $40 would. I don't usually buy "off brand" electronic related material but when it comes to HDMI cables it is hard to find a better deal. I would highly recommend these cables to anyone looking for both value AND performance.

  • Holly - mixed results

    I purchased 2 jars of Penetrex. First jar I used in a week, on hips and knees, for bursitis and arthritis respectively. The second jar I used more sparingly, and it lasted 2 weeks. I felt that the Penetrex had no effect on arthritis pain. My bursitis did seem to aleviate somewhat. I don't know if using Penetrex longer would lead to more improvement.

  • Negril Jerry - 1-star product gets 5 star reviews?

    75 1-star reviews, at least half of which begin with "I wish I could give it zero stars!", and then there's the 14 5-star reviews - how to explain that? It's very simple: the 4- and 5-star reviews are SHILLS, paid by the seller to puff up this unbelievably useless product. This is nothing short of FRAUD, and sooner or later some state's attorney general will hit them with a cease and desist order.

  • Roderic L. Olsen - Grounded for Over Three Years

    The book "Earthing" is very well written and I found it so compelling that I could hardly put it down until I had finished it. The DVD documentary "The Grounded" that has recently appeared, and that I have also reviewed, is also very compelling in its own more visual way, helped by the obvious endorsements from scientific and environmental pioneers such as Dr. David Suzuki. The lack of some technical or scientific detail in the documentary, and even the book, complained about by some reviewers is very well compensated for by the much more detailed information continually accumulating on the website of the "Earthing Institute". The story of the originator, Clint Ober, is itself very compelling, and he is to be congratulated for his continued unflagging efforts to bring this major health discovery to the world.