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Solutions Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Florida - Florida Rehab - Are you finally ready to recovery from drugs and / or alcohol? Contact us confidentially, and we will help you make the right decision. No obligation.

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  • https://www.solutionsrehab.com/alcohol-treatment/ The Best Alcohol Rehab Center in Florida | Alcohol Treatment - Struggling with alcoholism? We started as an alcohol rehab center for men and grew from there. Our core focus remains - helping the alcoholic like you.
  • https://www.solutionsrehab.com/drug-treatment/ Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in Florida | Rated #1 - We build the program around you. If you are looking into attending a drug treatment center, let us help. We accept insurance, and are CARF accredited.
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  • Gail Potter - Ok but expensive

    I ordered this for my husband, and inadvertently order (2) packages. It was VERY expensive. I won't order again because my husband said that Elations was just as good.

  • helpful - Max and Lola Grace make a cute couple. Only ...

    Max and Lola Grace make a cute couple. Only problem is they turn out to be "family" after they have been together. The powers that be work together to make sure this couple does not stand a chance to make it. Lives are destroyed, friendships broken when secrets come out and claims are made to destroy this couple. Once everyone learns the truth, will the couple make it....

  • KaiserVonVintage - Deer on front cover not actually in the book?

    Has a great mix of different types of coloring pages, whimsical, floral, buildings, abstract, mandala, tribal... Some are more detailed then others - in comparison to some of the more expensive single person illustrated books especially. Each page is single sided and the paper is nice and white. My only issue: The deer with antlers featured on the front cover... not in the book, which is the #1 reason I bought it. All in all, a really good starter adult coloring book with a variation of patterns and themes to color. My book was purchased at Walmart.

  • Buck Lumberg - Truth, non filtered

    Well told from a non-bias point of view. Nice to learn facts about Present Obama not filtered by the media. I have learned that the author was punished by the Obama's Justice Department for releasing this movie.

  • DeeBee - I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!

    I've been using this stuff for years on my beautiful cherrywood hardwood floors. Gives them a beautiful shine that lasts and lasts. I've never had a problem with build-up, never ever. And for all the people hollering about how you have to CLEAN, the floors really well first, or else hair and gunk will get trapped under the shellac-like finish..........DUH!!!!!!!!! That's just plain commonsense. Why WOULDN'T you thoroughly CLEAN the floor first??!?!??? You should clean the floor first with ANY product you use to shine your floor! This product rocks!!!!!