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  • Cindy-Ann Samuel - The only product that worked for me

    I am a real person who surffered with acne for years, as an adult it was embarassing. I used make up to cover my acne and I tried many pruducts. After doing some research I found the acne.org website and decided to purchase the products with high hopes. After two weeks of continued use as directed my cystic acne was gone and my face just had a different appearance, it looked more radiant. I would recommend this product to anyone, give it a try. I am very happy that it worked for me and will continue using it. One thing I would say which is consistent with the other reviews is that it dries out your skin so be sure to use as directed and apply moisturizer, I started using St Ives moisturizer at the side of my nose, on my chin and around my lips as these are the areas that gets the driest for me and I needed extra moisture. This did not affect the results I got and like I said its worth it. Now i have clearer skin

  • David G. - This product is no good it is a phony...

    Do not buy this item, don't do it to yourself. First of all as soon as you plug it in it leads you to many different screens and at the end of the day it's asking you for your credit card number and be mindful it states its free but there's still asking for your credit card number. So I called them and the young lady stated that she was not aware of rabbit TV but the number I call was to some telemarketer trying to make me give my credit card and when I refused she said well there's nothing I can do. I asked to speak to a supervisor minutes later the supervisor tells me the same thing I was very disappointed. So I disconnected it from my laptop. To make a long story short by the second day I had five viruses that killed my computer which cost me over $200 to get that crap out of my system. So whatever you do take it from me a dissatisfied customer do not buy this garbage it is a waste of time and a fraud...

  • F MURPHY - Works much better than the Tide version

    Works much better than the Tide version. In general, I love the Tide brand, but the washing machine cleaner fills my house with a chemical smell. This brand does a good job cleaning my washing machine, but without the horrible smell.

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  • kaitlynn johnson - Well...um...

    The book was a easy read. I'm a 7th grader in advanced language arts and it was really easy. I read it in less than a hour. It was a really good book though... I recommend it for fifth graders and younger.