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Sinosource – Global Supplier of Biologicals from China - Sinosource provides vaccines, plasma products, recombinant DNA products, immunomodulators, diagnostics kits, etc. It is committed to providing safe, efficacious and cost-effective biological medicines to the global community, and ranked TOP 5 in biopharmaceuticals export in China.

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  • X. Liu - Bit pricy but excellent book

    Used this book for my undergrad finance course. Although this book is a bit pricy, it is an excellent book. Five years later, I am referencing this same book in my master's finance course.

  • damon - Well told

    Fun fast paced adventure story with a mysterious backstory that is filled in slowly making you more invested in the main characters. If you like Omega Force or the Loch Lamora books (diffrent authors )you will like this if you like this series you should check those out.

  • Sandra - Always look at reviews.

    I am a facialist and order all these products for a thirty day trial to see how they work. I test each of them very carefully, one every thirty days. I do not sell products in my studio because I like my clients to shock the skin every six months with new products. I test with a very powerful mirror inside and in the morning sunlight outside. I have yet to find a product that is a miracle for the face. It takes

  • Ysidro Benitez Gurule - So far, so good.

    I had severe vapor coming from the exhaust after barely three miles of driving. Put this stuff in and followed the directions. I have driven more than forty miles with no problems. No vapor from the exhaust and no lost fluid. People say disconnect hoses to the heater core before doing this. I didn't worry since my heater doesn't work anyway but living in Socal, not a problem.