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  • FA Electrician - Freedom

    After reading They Fired the First Shot, I felt like yelling, "F-R-E-E-D-O-M", like in the movie Braveheart. I am reading They Fired the First Shot for the third time. I learn more every time I read it. This book pushes me to be a better Catholic Christian and a better Christian American. I am looking for solutions locally. Not just in the government but in my church. I am reading my own state's constitution. I appreciate that the book gives me something more to do for the country I love than just wait to vote in 2016 and call my congressman, again, and again, and again, just to get the same result. Nothing.

  • Phil McGlass - First Homebrew Experience?

    Overall, I think this is a good product. It worked quite well and the instructions were clear and easy to understand. In my opinion, I made good beer on my first attempt. I will continue to try the other recipes.

  • Brian R - Love Them

    My family has used Cutco for as long as I can remember. The products are great, and really do perform up to everything the sales rep claims, and more. However, the price given on Amazon is definitely gouging it.You can get the Cutco Homemaker set, consisting of the trimmer, petite carver, petite chef, slicer, carver, spatula spreader, and paring knife in your choice of white or black finish, with 8 table knives in either white or black with all of them being contained in either a tray or block of your choice of red or yellow stain for $824, and even get a good amount of free stuff with it. The Homemaker set without the table knives, but sill with storage and still with free stuff comes for only about $650. If you want to get free stuff and save money on the items, then order from a Cutco rep. That's how you can get the free stuff and choice of colors as well, and when you order from a rep, you get 3 full business weeks to try it out and if you don't like it, send it back for a full refund, and you can keep the free stuff. Plus, you are else helping the rep to earn their paycheck. Lastly, you can also put this thing on a 5 month interest free installment plan, which comes down to only %52 a week; less than getting a breakfast item and coffee at Starbucks every morning.

  • M. Shuba - excellent product

    this product has many uses and is good to have on hand. one drop mixed with wter is what i use to lean fresh fruit. We've used Shaklee for years.