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  • Kate - No Effect

    This just plain didn't work on my face. I know it works for most people, and I'm glad it does, but my hopes were pretty crushed. I'm not writing this a bad review because I didn't do it right; I followed the exact directions: 2-3 thin masks for 20+ minutes daily. I'm not writing this a bad review because it made my acne worse: I'd be happy if it had; that would make me think it was indeed drawing impurities to the surface/purging/detoxing. Rather, this product has had no effect (good or bad) on my acne whatsoever.

  • RP+BP - Our 3-yr old loves it!

    This bike is so much cooler (IMO) than the stuff you find at Walmart. I didn't want Spiderman, Superman, or Tonto on my kid's bike... so this was a perfect score. He loves it!

  • Rosers McGee - Well constructed duffle bag made useless without a shoulder strap

    I generally love Timbuk2 bags as they're thoughtfully designed, well constructed, and add a splash of color. This bag meets two of those criteria but is a miss on the third. I bought this to replace my aging Adidas gym bag and it seems to fit the bill in every way - the compartment on the bottom to store shoes is excellent, the multiple front pockets to hold brushes and whatnot are perfect, and the main compartment is spacious for whatever you may need.

  • Kenneth - My hats off to the folks at Element for not only putting out a quality product but also going the distance to be one of the firs

    I recently purchased this box on Amazon and I have been truly impressed. I have owned several other android tv boxes as well as a raspberry pi 2 so I am not a novice with them. My hats off to the folks at Element for not only putting out a quality product but also going the distance to be one of the first to offer sound support as well as loaded with all the things needed to make it the best box on the market bar none I have ever used. The box boots up lightening fast and everything flows smoothly as it should. Having the extra BG of memory makes a huge difference. Kodi works better on this box than any of the others I have used. The repos installed have everything one could wish for. I've used this for nearly a month now of hard use and have yet to have the first issue with it. The only thing I could wish for is a better design in the factory remotes but it is what it is. I attached a wireless mini keyboard and I'm a happy camper.