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SCSL Health | improving patient outcomes and choice - We know technology has a vital role to play in the future of healthcare, which is why we focus on developing software which improve patient outcomes & choice.

  • https://www.scslhealth.com/contact/ Contact the team at SCSLhealth - healthcare technology - Address- SCSLhealth, 1 North Crofty, Tolvaddon Energy Park, Camborne, UK, TR14 0HX. Telephone- +44(0)1209 710999. Email- [email protected] Fax- 08452 412406
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/inrstar/ INRstar anticoagulation software - safe, effective support - As the market leading software for anticoagulation management, INRstar is designed to improve patient outcomes & make services safe, effective & cost
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/about/ SCSLhealth - improving patient outcomes through technology - We are passionate about improving patient outcomes and choice through technology and software. Our mission is to help clinicians to manage long term conditions.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/inrstar/why-inrstar/partners/ INRstar - Our industry and clinical system partners - We work closely with key industry partners such as Roche Diagnostics, Better Value Healthcare, EMIS, INPS and TPP SystmOne.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/news/ Latest news from SCSLhealth and INRstar - Comprehensive, up-to-date news coverage from SCSLhealth and INRstar about our market leading software for anticoagulation management.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/software/ SCSLhealth and INRstar anticoagulation management software - SCSLhealth is the home of the market leading software for anticoagulation management INRstar and award winning central analysis tool INRstar analytics.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/inrstar/inrstar-analytics/ INRstar analytics - central reporting tool for AC providers - Transform the way you work with and monitor anticoagulation (AC) services across your area so that you can provide a better, more effective service.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/discovery-and-innovation/ SCSLdiscovery - the innovation arm of SCSLhealth - We drive the technology and research behind SCSLhealth through the formulation of ideas and concepts, user experience, design and customer satisfaction.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/careers/ SCSLhealth careers - SCSLhealth is the UK market leader for anticoagulation clinical decision support software in the NHS primary care sector based in Cornwall.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/careers/your-wellbeing/ Your wellbeing - We are a ‘Healthy Workplace’ and staff wellbeing is one of our big priorities. We offer a whole range of support including lower back pain management and stress
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/inrstar/support/training/ INRstar training and support- learning resources tailored to your team - Our tailored approach to training and support is designed around your needs to help you to make the most of your clinical software.
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/news/scslhealth-home-of-inrstar-to-rebrand-as-lumiradx-care-solutions/ SCSLhealth, home of INRstar to rebrand as LumiraDx Care Solutions - SCSLhealth, home of the UK’s leading software for anticoagulation management, is to be rebranded as LumiraDx Care Solutions. This development follows the
  • https://www.scslhealth.com/news/cornish-company-acquired-by-global-health-group-lumiradx/ Cornish company acquired by global health group LumiraDx - Camborne-based INRstar has been acquired by LumiraDx, a global health group. The company which provides the UK’s leading software for anticoagulation management
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