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SciMed - Scientific & Medical Products - We assist and advise scientists and technicians with specialist interests in many areas, including: High Pressure Reactors, Calorimetry, Electrochemistry, Thermal Analysis, High Pressure Systems, CO2 Capture/Storage, Powder Flow, Powder Drying, XRF Spectrometers, Hand Held Raman, Ultrasonic Processing, Elemental Analysis

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  • A reader - New Interface -- Great Improvement!

    I've always loved the MOOV as a personal fitness coach -- it's 10 minute workout is the perfect no-excuses morning routine. But when I first reviewed it, I found that it didn't always track other activities well, including semi-stationary activities like water aerobics. That all changed with its new interface in May 2016. Now it's much more accurate in recognizing activities as "active." There's no problem with it counting brisk walks, water aerobics, or heavy gardening (aka shoveling rocks). The sleep tracking is better, too. They also changed the colors on the phone interface to make it easier to recognize different levels of activity. Now you can be active "yellow," "orange" or "red." And it automatically gives you a badge when you reach a fitness goal. Now I think it's the best fitness tracker on the market. Nice work, MOOV!

  • Amazon Customer - So Realistic and cool but...

    Its an awesome game! I would rate it 5 stars but... Most of the game its SUPER laggy! And it makes it hard to play without getting upset... Please fix!! But its really amazing though! The graphics r great and there are storms ect. I'm gonna go play with my gazelle 😋 plz fix lahg!

  • Amazon Customer - Handy book for learning Office 2016

    I like books that help me with computer programs and show actual page examples. Though I feel pretty strong in some the programs covered )like word and excel) it is good to see more short cut reminders. Also I am not that familiar with Access so having more information on how to go through this program makes me feel more confident in using it. I am sure you might be able to also access the information online but for those who like to have their program open and use the book rather then flipping back and forth between screens then this may be a great option.

  • Scott C Clark - Junk!

    Mint.com actually supports more financial institutions, works better, and is free. I've used quicken for 10 years but switched 2yrs ago. I thought I'd give it another try after 2013 version came out. Oh well. It's close but perhaps a few more version down the road I will try it again.

  • Aman - Great Mouse For CSGO

    I have tried the other final mouse and did not like it at all, so I decided to give this one a go and I actually really liked it. It felt very similar to a DeathAdder mixed with other mouses but it felt very comfortable. The sensor is very nice as soon as I loaded up Counter-Strike I Immediately noticed how good it was. If you are wanting a mouse with a top of the line sensor and lightweight then this is the mouse for you!

  • Maria McMahon - Love it!!!

    This product honestly works...a coworker of mine had results so I decided to try it fur myself and lost 4lbs in the first week. It only works strictly with a heaktgy diet and exercise though...I got busy around the holiday season and stopped dieting and exercising and I went back to my normal weight. I just recently started my routine again and lost two pounds already. Anyone who have this product anything below a 4 star review must have relied completely on the pill. If I could post before and after pictures I would.

  • leelijo - Waisted my money and time

    I have waisted my money and time.I had been using this comb for past 2 years....NO USE!!!Now I stopped to use that.I believe all the good reviews are written by the manufacture itself..please don't buy this..don't waist your money and time.