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  • redtaz - looks and smells great

    I color my hair and I try to deep condition at least once a week to keep it healthy. First off this conditioner comes in a glass jar (no personal opinion) and is white and not so thick. I have medium length hair that is naturally curly. After washing I placed this on my hair for about 20 minutes (nothing takes as directed in my hair). This product does smell great. After rinsing my hair was soft and not so shiny but that was ok. I can visibly notice that my hair is not as dry as before. I believe with continued use I will see better results.

  • Evie Farris - Beware of this cream during pregnancy

    Beware of using this or any other cocoa butter product during pregnancy. It can actually cause your baby to have a heart arithmea. I was using this cream for stretch marks on my belly. After my doctor discovered an irregular heartbeat from my son in utero, I was sent to a specialist who did a fetal echo and told me to go off caffeine (I wasn't having any except a little chocolate) and cocoa butter products. Came back a week later and his heartbeat was fine. They told me it's actually pretty common. Don't risk it with this product! Totally not worth the scare.

  • Amazon Customer - God Help Us All. An Absolute Must Read.

    Anyone who is a "Conspiracy Theorist" at some point needs to "connect the dots." This book brings many smaller conspiracy theories into the big picture of one extremely large conspiracy known as the "New World Order."

  • FuManChiu - A few keys intermittently stop working.

    Worked like a dream for a few months. I always kept it on my desk, never spilled anything on it, and never put excessive pressure on it. Then, about half the time the G, H, Backspace, Esc, and brightness/volume keys wouldn't work. After a while they would consistently not work. I sent it in to Toshiba for repairs, it worked for a few weeks, then the same problem started happening again.

  • Rod Johnson - Extremely satisfied for only $30

    I only paid 30 bucks or so for these and I couldn't be happier. They're my first pair of bluetooth earbuds/headphones. I just got seek of dealing with earbud cords getting in the way all the time. I'm no audiophile but these things have fantastic sound as far as I'm concerned, a lot better than the junky earbuds I was using before. Good bass too. If you told me these are $150 BT earbuds I would absolutely believe you, but that's coming from a non-audiophile and I'm sure there are those who would disagree. They're fairly good in terms of comfort, could be better but I then again I haven't messed around with the different sized pieces. They have a quality feel to them and don't feel as cheap as I was expecting for what I thought were a lower-end pair of bluetooth earbuds. The controls work nicely too and you can do a lot with just 3 buttons. Only problem I have there is that (I think) if they're already on you have to turn them off and back on before syncing with another device....a tad annoying. The outer sides of each earbud are magnetic so they snap together and can be worn around your neck like a necklace. There's still a cord connecting them unlike some BT earbuds which are totally separate but it's too short to get tangled or become cumbersome.