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Save Your Skin Foundation - A community of volunteers determined to eliminate melanoma through research and education, and dedicated to those touched by it.

  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/donate/ Make a donation | Save Your Skin Foundation - The Save Your Skin Foundation is a registered charity. Donations allow us to provide community awareness and support research and financial assistance.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about/our-story/ Save Your Skin's story | Save Your Skin Foundation - The Save Your Skin Foundation was created by North Vancouver resident Kathy Barnard. Kathy was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma in 2003
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about/committee-members/ Committee Members | Save Your Skin Foundation - The Save Your Skin Team Board of Directors President/Founder – Kathleen Barnard Secretary – Cathy Steen Committee Members Kelvin Kwok –
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about/survivors-stories/ Survivor Stories | Save Your Skin Foundation - Each story here is both that of an individual hero, and of the families, friends and health care workers who shared that story.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about/save-your-skin-in-quebec/ Save Your Skin in Quebec | Save Your Skin Foundation - According to the Canadian Cancer Society (May 2014 report), about 40% of new cases of melanoma skin cancer in Canada are diagnosed in Quebec.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about/sun-at-work/ Sun at Work Canada | Save Your Skin Foundation - Occupational sun safety for outdoor workers in Canada is a growing concern, as skin cancer rates continue to increase.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about-skin-cancer/the-facts/ The Facts | Save Your Skin Foundation - This article provide great information about skin cancer and melanoma: detection, skin facts, sun safety tips, types of skin cancer, types of melanoma...
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about-skin-cancer/prevention/ Skin Cancer Prevention | Save Your Skin Foundation - Learn how to prevent skin cancer. The damage that leads to adult skin cancers starts in childhood and teenage years.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/about-skin-cancer/newly-diagnosed/ Newly diagnosed with skin cancer | Save Your Skin Foundation - If you’ve just been diagnosed with skin cancer, being at this website and this page is a good start!
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/ Support & Resources | Save Your Skin Foundation - To help you through your journey with melanoma, The Save Your Skin Foundation provides a variety of support services and access to other resources.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/downloadable-resources/ Downloadable Resources | Save Your Skin Foundation - You can download our material about skin cancer and melanoma or receive hard copies.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/patient-support/ Patient Support | Save Your Skin Foundation - For those living with melanoma, support can be vital in the healing process. We are committed to providing one-on-one support through Founder Kathy Barnard.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/financial-assistance/ Financial Assistance | Save Your Skin Foundation - Save Your Skin Foundation as well as other organization can provide financial assistance to persons in need.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/support-groups-additional-resources/ Additional Resources and Support Groups | Save Your Skin Foundation - You are not alone dealing with skin cancer! There is a lot of high quality information about skin cancer available from reputable sources.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/support-resources/publications/ Publications | Save Your Skin Foundation - The Save Your Skin Foundation participates in the production of certain publications.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/news-feed/ News Feed | Save Your Skin Foundation - Skin Cancer News Learn about skin cancer signs, symptoms and prevention. Read the latest medical research on skin cancer types, skin care and skin cancer
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/ Get Involved | Save Your Skin Foundation - Visiting the Save Your Skin Foundation website is the first step to getting involved in the work we do but we’d love to have you do more!
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/volunteering/ Volunteering | Save Your Skin Foundation - Volunteers are what make groups like our possible! All our volunteers agree they get out more than they give in – that’s the magic of volunteering.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/sponsors/ Sponsors | Save Your Skin Foundation - We would like to thank our corporate and community sponsors who have helped us in a wide variety of ways. Are you interested in becoming a Save your Skin
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/fundraising/ Fundraising | Save Your Skin Foundation - Fundraising is vital to our foundation. It allows us to continue providing support to patients and running sun safety initiatives.
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/get-involved/becoming-a-patient-advocate/ Becoming a Patient Advocate | Save Your Skin Foundation - The Save Your Skin Foundation does many advocacy activities such as awareness and education campaigns. If you would like to help us, please contact us!
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/lets-talk/join-the-discussion/ Join the Discussion | Save Your Skin Foundation - As part of patient advocacy, the Save Your Skin Foundation is one of the few patient advocacy organizations that is approved to submit treatment recommendations
  • http://www.saveyourskin.ca/lets-talk/contact-us/ Contact Us | Save Your Skin Foundation - Save Your Skin Foundation 319 3600 Windcrest, Dr North Vancouver V7G 2S5, Canada. For more information, please contact: Kathy Barnard | Founder and

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