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Производство, проектирование, менеджмент, дизайн - Менеджмент в образовании, проектирование, системы безопасности, дизайн интерьеров, дизайн ландшафтный, производство рольставни, рольворота

Country:, Europe, RU

City: 37.6068 , Russia

  • Linda - Didn't disappoint!

    I was looking for something to read that had a similar Gone Girl or Girl on the Train feel. I really enjoyed this book. I ended up reading it in 2 days. There were a couple of unexpected twists, which made it alot of fun. I will say that Amazon does a great job of recommending books depending on what you have purchased in the past.

  • Miles D. Moore - Uniformly superb writing, uniformly melancholy tone.

    This is the first edition of "Best American Essays" that I have read, and I expected at least a few literary or political essays. As edited by Cheryl Strayed, however, the essays in the 2013 edition are uniformly, heavily personal. The only partial exceptions are Zadie Smith's "Some Notes on Attunement," which begins with Smith's youthful distaste for the music of Joni Mitchell and continues into a consideration of Kierkegaard, and John Jeremiah Sullivan's "Ghost Estates," in which Sullivan concludes that only J.M. Synge of all Irish writers could capture the Irish people in the perilous situation they face today. Otherwise, the accent throughout this volume is strictly on pesonal reminiscence, and mostly on personal tragedy.

  • Jess W. - good face lotion

    I use this every night before bed. Doesn't break me out, and keeps my face from being seriously dry in the morning.

  • Jennifer - I hate bona I used it just like the bottle said ...

    I hate bona I used it just like the bottle said (followed instructions) and it still leave so many streaks all over my floors. Ill never buy this product again.

  • Robby - I spent the better part of a day off building only to call ...

    I purchased this item as an upgrade to go with the new intel i7 6950X. I spent the better part of a day off building only to call EVGA and be told the bios on the board is to old and that they are escalating to the "RMA" department who is closed. To have a new bios chip sent my way. The problem is I am not being advised of any overnight options etc. good thing my desktop is only my pain PC and that I have a laptop to type about how upset this purchase has made me.