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Saacapap - Home - Eastern Sun Events was established in 1997. We specialise in arranging conferences, events & incentive travel for our clients up to approximately 3000 delegates. Our core business is medical associations.

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  • J. Barber - I thought I was ordering the old version 11 (my ...

    I thought I was ordering the old version 11 (my computer had crashed and that was what I had previously.) i had to research how to to convert all my old files, but after I figured out how to do that, it works very well.

  • Tommy Boy - Can't live without it!

    Excellent recovery drink. I work out 5 times a week, P90X, Monkey Bar Gym and unfortunately, I'm not 25 anymore! This product makes a dramatic difference in my recovery, especially with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). DOMS is the main reason for the soreness and fatigue that you feel 24 to 48 hours after intense muscle loading. I'm also a Sports Physician, so I promise I'm not making this up! At any rate, this product causes a dramatic decrease in fatigue and soreness if I take it immediately after my work outs. I also will take a protein shake 30 to 45 minutes post work out as well.

  • William J. Andrus - Bought for my mom

    Went to sears and saw it for about $400, bought it as a Christmas present. For a cheap price, the image was clearer compared to other low price LCDs around 32 inches.

  • david R - Best sports athlete book ever

    I had followed Steve's career from BYU, the 49ers and to NFL analyst. I was bothered by him being a back up for years, knowing he was the best Quarterback in the league. Reading this book was a thrill for me, I mainly wanted to read the book to hear his insight into the quarterback controversy, the dynamic between him and Joe. I got a lot more out of the book, I enjoyed the stories of his uphill battle of convincing coaches that an undersized lefty quarterback could succeed. The stories about his anxiety really resonated, since I have a son with anxiety. Learning about how his concussions caused him to retire, his were a lot worse than any quarterback, because he ran more than any other quarterback. His angst about not being able to find the right girl to marry, until later in life was also interesting. I never realized how much his Mormon faith meant to him. Most people consider their religion as something they do for an hour on Sundays, to Steve it is a way of life. I knew there would not be much "dirt" or scandalous revelations, since he was a Mormon, but it would have been good to hear him rip someone he disliked. I would say the book is a good lesson about hard work, perseverance and adversity. I highly recommend this book..

  • Cari P - Great for Britax B-Ready

    I am really happy to have found out that this works on a Britax B-Ready stroller. It really bothered me that Britax didn't make one. This fits perfectly into the connectors and sits at a good height for my 18 month old son to be able to use it. My only complaint is the drink holder isn't very wide. We use spill proof reusable water bottles and they have to be jammed in pretty hard for them to stay, which makes the drink holder unusable for our son as he can't pull it back out.

  • Margarita - beautiful but too expensive

    Muy interesante el contenido, me encanta el diseño y seguro sera util para este nuevo año...pero debo confesar que 55 usd is too much. Si no me la hubieran regalado ...yo no gastaria tanto en una agenda, no pagaria mas de 35.

  • Jacob - The fit in the shark nose isn't exact and you ...

    The fit in the shark nose isn't exact and you will have to relocate the temp sensor behind the grill which isn't hard but it definitely changes up the look. Solid buy for the price.