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Articles About Herpes - Oral or genital herpes results in painful blisters and sores covering certain spots or quite large areas of the body. It’s a transmitted disease that spreads q

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  • gabby - Not Good

    bottle is as big as my pinky finger and after using it all..not one hair growth..Nothing! Disappointed

  • Drea Malloy - Pretty good TV stand

    I bought this for the bedroom TV that I own. It is an older flat screen TV so it's pretty heavy. I have it on a high dresser and I wanted to have it on something more secure. I have a 40" Magnavox Flatscreen TV and I wanted something simple. to mont my TV. Since this TV is very heavy I had to mount it into the studs even if It wasn't I still would to make it more secure. You basically hook your tv onto the bracket so it's a pretty simple install. Definitely would recommend more than one person to install because my TV is large and heavy. If you have a lighter TV you may be able to hang this solo. My reviews are always honest and accurate to my experience. Some items are offered to me for a discount.

  • natalie de gyarfas - Exactly as Advertised

    Pastiching 50 Shades and Twilight was a great marketing strategy, and the book certainly lives up to its inspirations--which is to say, it is poorly written straight girl porn sans any actual erotica that takes the deviant fantasies of enslavement and somehow winning over an undead bloodsucker and turns them into, you know, comfortable lovey-dovey straight girl porn. Unsurprisingly, the characters are utterly one dimensional, the desire portrayed is sickeningly heterosexual, and every time the plucky-but-oh-so-feminine narrator mentions not wanting to go insane like her mother, my mad pride makes me want to rewrite the whole thing from the perspective of a psychotic. With, you know, an actual understanding of things like grammar and character depth and development. I don't even know why I bothered reading it, the title let me know exactly what I was in for, but it took like an hour and a half, so at least I didn't lose too much time over it. Lestat was my first crush, so it's always devastating for me to see what Twilight has done to this genre. Oh, great pen name, by the way, Bella Forrest. As if the title by itself wasn't clear enough.

  • Aphy San - Just like when you always buy something new you have to ...

    I rate this a four star since the book came slightly damaged and since I had ordered it new I would have thought it would have been packaged were you take off the film cover to actually open it. Just like when you always buy something new you have to take off the plastic. It is different than the one I use at school. This one has the index on the front instead of the back of the book.Other than that everything else is ok.

  • Maria G. Bender - Terrific for all kinds of skin conditions.

    I was recommeded this for a nail fungus that I couldn't get rid off and now is completely gone because I used this on my nail twice a day until the nail grew out. I've also used it on skin irritatio and it works wonders.

  • Arby - OK but..

    It is flimsier than I had hoped. But it should meet my needs for cookies but nothing too heavy like a butternut squash or roast. The edges are rolled but sharp. I will need to remind myself of that when I am washing/cleaning it up after using it.