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  • Gemelo Malvado - Perfect So Far!

    First thoughts on this thing when I received it: its much heavier and bigger than my other AP's. I was running business class router, firewall, and access points at my house (I am in the IT field) but my wifi was lacking (in speed, range, no ac, etc) and I didn't feel like running more CAT6 to pop up more AP's.

  • Jacquelyn J. Caccia - No split decision with this book!

    This book is part biography and part writings by RBG. Both parts are interesting. RBG has a distinct, clear, very readable style and my respect for her after reading this is immense. She comes across as not only extremely intelligent but also as just the sort of person you'd love to sit and just talk with. Excellent role model for us all.

  • Gary Krystof - No results

    I was looking for all the great things that the advertisement claimed. Pain in knees and ankle from old injuries and hard use. No such luck... no benefits at all. Wish I would have saved the money.

  • Phazie - Outlook 2010 - No advantage to previous outlook.

    Outlook is a great email program. Unfortunately, 2010 is difficult to set up with some service providers. I can't say that it is a problem with Microsoft or the provider but since I have had 2 different providers, it would seem that it is in the software from Microsoft. Still, I like this software since it is easier to use than other web-based email programs. Being able to have a contact list with details and notes is a plus. Three stars because of difficulty in getting it to work initially and because of the cost to purchase when the added features do not add any advantage in using the program.