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  • LV Henderson. - Horrible product. It made my hair very dry

    Warning! Horrible product. It made my hair very dry, brittle and caused breakage after only two uses!! The distributor, Advanced Beauty Inc claims that they are no longer affiliated with this product as it was bought by another company. Cantubeauty.com is no longer online. If you have problems the new number is 800-887-2738.

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent product

    Excellent shampoo. Our dog lasts a long time without smell and is super gentle. Highly recommend.

  • lcm1947 - Pretty nice little tool

    I have tested all 4 of my gfci's with it and it works. All of the gfci's tripped when I pressed the buttom on the testor. I even tested a second outlet that was wired to the first outlet and that one being a gfci and it tripped that second outlet too. Pretty nice little tool. It will test regular and gfci's by the way but of course you don't trip a regular outlet cause there's nothing to trip but you knew that. :-))

  • CTCraftBrew - lifesaver

    Probably literally a lifesaver. This book allows you to understand and manage your acid reflux without the dangerous and expensive drugs. Once I realized what was going on, I was able to adjust my diet and lifestyle so that I could actually sleep at night again.

  • Patrick Competelli - Not a bad program for the cost

    Once you learn how to use the program it becomes much easier. At first there is a mild learning curve depending on your knowledge of software and computers. I was able to change many things to my liking and some things, I just couldn't figure out. I would recommend this product for the person that wants to keep track of their clients all in one place and be able to keep records and notes with a time stamp. The program will also alert you about appointments and other dates and times that you need to remember.