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  • Adam A. Wanderer - A pretty good printer/fax/copier/scanner, among the first with a bulk ink system!

    Pretty good all in one printer, scanner, fax machine for the home or small business. The main advantage is the bulk ink system. The era of "ink extortion" is over. Very high initial cost, but long term savings; I can print again, and print in color! Has a larger "foot print", so you'll need some space. Color pictures lack the "snap" of a dedicated photo printer, but if you use the high quality settings, the image quality is very reasonable for the lower cost per image. I wish they'd had this machine when they first started selling printers to the public. It is somewhat complicated to set up and calibrate, so read and follow _all_ directions exactly! There are a lot of "hidden" settings and options in the menus, so you need to know exactly what they do. It does have a "right click" fast reference system, but you need to understand what click point does what. It does lack a slot for memory cards such as the CF and SDHC, but that can be worked around. The quality is as good or better as the machines at Wal-Mart for making photos. Epson hit the bulls eye by being the first printer on the market with a bulk tank system. Note: Do _NOT_ get the colors of the inks mixed up and put the wrong ink in the wrong tanks!!!

  • Laura E - It works.

    Wow it really works. Amazing. Lasts about eight hours. I was skeptical, but it really does work. You can feel it working.

  • TommyD - Bummer

    A waste of money. Doesn't stick. Does not hold. It didn't even stick in the trash when I threw it away.

  • RIC W/O THE K - Horrible chemical smell with Pampers

    We've used Pampers swaddlers since leaving the hospital, until recently. Recently we received a shipment of Pamper Swaddlers and immediately notice a strong chemical smell after opening the diapers. The smell was so strong that it was nauseating. At first we thought that maybe the smell was from the UPS truck that it was shipped on, but there are three individually sealed packs in the box. So after reading some reviews on Amazon and Babycenter I found out that other parents notice the same smell. The parents in some of the reviews said they notice the chemical smell (not the powder fresh smell) and said that their little one had experienced diaper rashes that they believed was caused from using the chemical smelling Diapers. I also thought that this might be an amazon only issue. But I went to Target and SAMs and found the same smell in many of the diaper boxes on the shelves. So I wonder if this is a Pampers manufacturing issue. It's sad because I really liked Pampers, now we have are little one in Huggies. We've experienced a couple of leaks with Huggies, which we were able to fix with proper positioning of the diaper. Huggies have a fresh smell, this puts my mind at ease knowing that I'm not exposing my child to a diaper that smells like motor oil. While the smell does dissipate after a few days it's still noticeable,which is unacceptable.

  • Donutz - Pyramid scheme/multi level marketing scheme. Doesn't really do anything.

    I was given a big speech about Zeal for life and about how great it is and there are no side effects and it is just great great great!!! It will change your life like you wouldn't believe and blah blah blah!!! Anyhow, I decided to take a few samples and see how I felt after taking them. I decided to take the first sample in the morning just after waking up and let it soak in for about 40 minutes on its own. I didn't feel any better, worse, or different. As soon as I saw the guy that gave me a sample, he was on me. Did you drink it?? How do you feel? Are you ready to buy some? Then he says he is all zealed up! WOW!! I told him that I didn't feel any better and he thinks I'm lying about it. After a bit, he kinda gave up and said well, try it again tomorrow and see how you feel. Same results, nothing. Then he starts telling me how people won't feel it....I said, you already told me that I would feel different but I don't. So he starts back peddling about the feelings and starts saying it is more of vitamins so I probably wouldn't feel anything. I just feel that this is another scam just like all of the other drinks and things. I'm sure this is not bad for you, but it is just vitamins in a very expensive drink form.

  • Orlando - Just don't drink orange soda for a while.

    It did it's job, but when you drink orange soda, it does turn it way yellow. It was GROSS!!! My teeth were never "yellow" to begin with, but needed just a treatment or two to get that gleaming white sparkle. Watch out what you drink afterwards folks!