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  • unusedname - Too Expensive!!!

    I used Proactive for years. I have very mild acne, and Proactive kept my skin balanced and really seemed to control the few breakouts I had. I was very satisfied with their product. Well, times are tough everywhere, so I am always looking for ways to cut back. I started researching other acne control products that might not be as pricey. Let's face it, people on a limited income cannot afford these types of products.

  • John W. Smith - Does the job and does it well

    I was able to remove the residual adhesive from car stickers very easily with this product, you need to read through the instructions to use the product correctly and effectively. Wipe it off while it is wet, this is not a soak-then-remove product.

  • JC in OKC - It's come a long way.

    I've been a big MS Office user since version 2000. It seems that with every big change there are quirks to work out. However, after listening to users for many years, Microsoft is getting it right the first time around.

  • PinkMango - Distributors love it...customers...not so much

    Gee...the bad reviews, including unlabeled dangerous side effects are customers, while every five star review just happens to be a distributor. Another's MLM to separate good people from their money. Boo.

  • Vallory Woodruff - Pulls on my hair.

    I bought this straightener from a Kiosk in the mall for a price of $65 plus a whole bunch of hair care products. It creates beautiful waves and curls, and straightens really easy, but I've had problems of it pulling my hair. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this. My hair is super thick and long. Love the straightener, hate that it tugs my hair.