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  • https://www.ranexa.com/about-ranexa/keep-track-of-your-goals Ranexa® (ranolazine) | Keep track of your goals - Keep track of how you're doing once you start taking Ranexa. Available resources include a progress journal to track your progress.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/about-ranexa/your-next-steps-with-ranexa Ranexa® (ranolazine) | Your next steps with Ranexa - Talk to your cardiologist about Ranexa with a doctor discussion guide. It is important to describe to your healthcare team how you are feeling.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/about-angina Ranexa® (ranolazine) | About angina - Find out how chronic angina affects your heart and how it can make you feel. Make a list of your symptoms and discuss them with your cardiologist.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/real-patient-stories Ranexa® (ranolazine) | Real patient stories - Learn from others who have worked with their cardiologist to manage their chronic angina. Watch real patient videos.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/real-patient-stories/view-real-patient-stories Ranexa® (ranolazine) | View patient experiences - Hear from others just like you who have taken control of managing their chronic angina. Watch patient testimonials now.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/help-paying-for-ranexa Ranexa® (ranolazine) | Help paying for Ranexa - Learn how Ranexa Connect may help you understand insurance coverage for Ranexa. Find help paying for Ranexa, which may include a co-pay card.
  • https://www.ranexa.com/join-my-ranexa-connect Ranexa® (ranolazine) | Join My Ranexa Connect - My Ranexa Connect is a free support program to help stay on course with Ranexa as part of your treatment plan.

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  • Mark - Incomplete edition

    Others have noted that this contains only "Strunk" and no "White" and you can find the Strunk online for free (as PDF). My issue was worse: A major section of the Strunk was missing. I'm not sure if this just happened do my download or if it's true for everyone. If you spot a problem with a Kindle book within 7 days, you are entitled to a refund. Just go to "Manage my Kindle."

  • jrose86 - Instructions are written for a reason!

    My fiance recommended we try this organically-processed, whole food-based cleanse as it was recommended to him by a trusted, knowledgable nutritionist-friend. We've been attempting to go completely vegetarian/vegan over the summer, and it's had its challenges, but we enjoy fresh, organic produce and always have. When we do consume meat and dairy on occasion (2-3 times a week), it is from a grass fed beef/free range poultry farm, as well as eating their eggs. Yes, a diet like this can be expensive, but would you rather pay the farmer now or the doctor later? I choose to support the farmer! I learned a lot from watching Netflix documentaries on juicing and curing cancer with the proper diet, and this seemed like a great way to cleanse our bodies before bringing any animal protein and dairy back in our diets, if we choose to do so. BTW, he is 31 at 5' 8"/190 lbs. and I am 26 at 5'7"/135 lbs., so our goals are to detox and lose a few pounds. The best thing about this diet is that you can have all the veggies and fruits you WANT! It is recommended to have more veggies than fruit, of course, because of the higher sugar content of fruit.

  • Amy Power - These stickers are awesome! My husband and I have enjoyed seeing which ...

    I got these stickers to fill up my book I recently bought. These stickers are awesome! My husband and I have enjoyed seeing which players we've received and which ones we need. I love the hologram looking stickers! It's a little hard to peel the sticker from the backing but it made it a little more fun, kind of like a competition between my husband and I to see who would get theirs peeled fast enough haha. I definitely plan on getting more to finish off my collection!

  • Rose - I have been taking Relacore now for 4 weeks, ...

    I have been taking Relacore now for 4 weeks, everyday I take 3 pills. I'm eating right, I'm working out everyday and I've gained weight. I'm so fed up with everything. NOTHING seems to work. Very depressing when you do everything right and it goes wrong!