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  • Shelby - Some nausea (probably varies person to person), but it works

    This isn't a miracle pill that makes you lose weight, but you can feel it working as a pre-workout pill. You get more energy and the thermogenic aspect kicks in fast. The only problem I have with this product is the nausea. About an hour into my workout I'll get this insane rush of nausea. I have to get into a cool place fast, or sit down for 20+ minutes before it goes away. I thought maybe I had burned too many calories and my body was hungry for food/nutrients or I had overheated from the thermogenesis the pill created and that was making my nauseous, but who knows, all I know is that I never get that wave of nausea when I workout without it.

  • Dendronotus - Meets my criteria

    I wanted a case that held at least 3 cards, had a kickstand, and had a lip to protect the glass. Check, check, check. I previously had stowaways for other phones but I like this one better because the kickstand is nicer and more stable. Yes, it's thick but I'm ok with that.

  • Russell T. Markowitz - Good Stuff - Better Instructions Needed

    Works nicely. However, better instructions would be appropriate. If you rub this product in...you are in for a real mess. You are only supposed to spread this product as evenly as you can over the wood flooring...and let it dry without touching it. If you spread it too thinly, or rub it in...you get white smear marks that are just nearly impossible to get off. I was able to go back over what I did wrong by applying a thicker coat without rubbing...then letting it dry. The difference in floor shine was terrific. I do like the product...just need better warning on how to apply it.

  • Delores Gaines - I am pleased with this product and will continue using it

    As a baby boomer over 60, I began using this product over a year ago. I have seen no further hair loss in the crown of my head, while most of the rest of my hair maintains the same thickness as before, especially the back. I am pleased with this product and will continue using it.