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Quay Pharma - formulation development expertise - Quay Pharma provides innovative, effective solutions to bring your pharmaceutical development products to market. We are experts in formulation development.

  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/ About Us - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma has over ten years experience in providing integrated formulation development, clinical trial supply and manufacturing services.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/what-we-do/ What we do - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma provides a comprehensive service covering every stage of drug dosage development and manufacturing, including specials.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/how-we-work/ How we work - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma offer an individual science-based route through every project, with agreed milestones and clearly defined outcomes.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/who-we-work-with/ Who we work with - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma works with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, healthcare specialists and academic departments of all sizes, from all parts of the world.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/the-team/ The team - Quay Pharma - Quay's team bring a wealth of experience in analytical chemistry, preclinical and clinical formulation development, manufacturing and quality assurance
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/the-quay-advantages/ The Quay advantages - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma brings a number of specific, measurable advantages to drug dosage formulation.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/about-us-quaypharma/facilities/ Facilities - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma facilities is close to Liverpool and Manchester Airports, FDA registered, fully licensed for manufacturing medicinal products including specials
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/ Services - Quay Pharma - Quay's development and manufacturing services enable clients to progress from the pre-formulation stage to small-scale Phase III quickly and effectively.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/preformulation/ Preformulation and Preclinical Studies - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma offers a comprehensive range of preformulation services to investigate the physical and chemical properties of your drug substance
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/formulation-development/ Formulation Development - Quay Pharma - Find out how Quay Pharma’s formulation development expertise can enhance bioavailability, therapeutic profiles and clinical outcomes for your products.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/analytical-services/ Analytical Services - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma offers a full selection of analytical and quality control services, including development, validation and stability testing to ICH standards.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/phase-1-clinical-manufacturing/ Phase I clinical manufacturing - Quay Pharma - We provide manufacturing services to bring an API into clinical use in the fastest and most cost-effective way including an unique Fast Track into Man
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/phase-iiiii-clinical-manufacturing/ Phase II/III clinical manufacturing - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma offers GMP clinical manufacturing services covering Phase I formulations, large-scale Phase II, Phase III and post-marketing studies.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/specials-manufacturing/ Specials manufacturing services - Quay Pharma - Quay holds a UK specials licence from the MRHA and manufactures unlicensed medicines to full GMP standards. Specials are manufactured to full GMP standards.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/orphan-drugs/ Orphan drugs - Quay Pharma - Quay is experienced working with orphan drugs companies to develop these important medicines. We are perfectly equipped to deliver an Orphan Drug molecule.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/clinical-trial-supply/ Clinical trial supply - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma provides comprehensive clinical trial supply primary and secondary clinical supply and clinical trials packaging for solid and liquid dosages.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/services/commercial-manufacture-packaging/ Commercial manufacture and packaging - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma has updated its license with the MHRA to include commercial manufacture affiliated with Chester Medical, provides commercial packaging.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/ Technologies - Quay Pharma - Quay can provide technologies for drug formulation and delivery which combined with existing or new compounds provide improved therapeutic performance
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/conventional-dosage-forms/ Conventional dosage forms - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma has considerable experience in developing conventional dosage forms in oral and topical forms for pharmaceutical products.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/conventional-dosage-forms/tablets/ Tablets - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma provides a range of options for developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products in tablet form.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/conventional-dosage-forms/capsules/ Capsules - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma produce capsules for Phase I studies using minimal quantities of API as well as developing dosage formulations designed for large-scale.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/conventional-dosage-forms/oral-liquids/ Oral Liquid - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma develop and manufacture oral liquid dosages of all types including solutions, suspensions, syrups and paediatric drops.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/conventional-dosage-forms/topical-products/ Topical products - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma has an excellent record of success in developing topical products for dermatological, ophthalmic, vaginal and buccal applications.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/modified-release-technologies/ Modified release technologies - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma are world leaders in the science of oral drug delivery and can provide unique advice on timed release and methods of delivering to precise areas of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/modified-release-technologies/modified-release-tablets/ Modified release tablets - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma has considerable experience in formulating and manufacturing a range of modified release tablets in a wide range of shapes, sizes and finishes.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/modified-release-technologies/multiparticulate-technologies/ Multiparticulate technologies - Quay Pharma - Quay offer a range of multiparticulate technologies including beads, pellets, granules and mini-tablets, that offer many advantages over monolithic tablets
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/modified-release-technologies/modified-release-microparticles/ Modified release microparticles - Quay Pharma - Quay Pharma can offer comprehensive advice on the use of microcapsules and microspheres to enhance modified release drug delivery.
  • http://www.quaypharma.com/technologies/modified-release-technologies/coating-technologies/ Coating technologies - Quay Pharma - Quay are experts in the use of coating technologies to direct the API release to the most clinically advantageous section of the gastrointestinal tract.

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  • jorge - I wanna set it on fire.

    Horrible taxture.plastic wavy all the way across. Dont even think about painting it. I would pay 40 $ for it .so disappointed

  • Pete - Sturdy, Dependable Lantern w/nice features

    Received my first purchase from Vitchelo. Its a definately a quality product It came charged and ready to use right out of the box.the slide out lantern feature is easily converted to a flashlight. There is a nice USB connection that you can use to charge your cell phone which is really nice and handy to have. There are two magnets at the top that are very strong and can hold the weight of the lantern without issue. There is also S.O.S. sigmal on the power button.The charging/battery meter is also a nice feature because you know exactly how much power you have available so it takes the guess work out. Ive been using it around the house and cant wait to take it camping. Its a little pricey if you purchase it for the full amount but i got a good sale price on it.