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  • Anne Mahoney - WORKS GREAT


  • Carrie G. - All the Little Liars

    Freshly married and overcome with joy over finding she's expecting Aurora "Roe" Teagarden has everything falling into place in her life at the moment. That is until four teens go missing, one of which is Roe's own half brother who had been living with her and her husband.

  • KRWE30 - This is "pee your pants" good!

    My (now) husband and I were about to get married and we had to decide on the store to register with. We looked at every store, trying our hardest to find a place where we could register that had a great banana slicer. Finally we gave up. If we couldn't find a good banana slicer, then what was the point of even getting married? A guardian angel must have been looking out for us because I finally stumbled upon the Victorio 571B - the holy grail of banana slicers. It was then that I knew that things would be OK, and I would be able to have a happy marriage after all.

  • dawgpaula - I like it.

    Although I do not think it is the miracle described by some users, I found it most beneficial dissolving blood clots in thrombosed hemorrhoids. The doctors only offered a surgical resolution and I am happy that I tried other things before going under the knife. I used 4 capsules per day for 10 days and now I take 2 capsules per day to prevent them.

  • E&BMOM - I am soooooo happy with this little machine!!!!

    We have 5 cats, 2 are long haired, and 2 dogs, one is a yellow lab which is one of the worst shedding dogs there is. I felt as though I was constantly battling the pet hair in my house, especially in our living room where the animals tend to hang out the most. We have hard wood floors and a few throw rugs. I am very obsessive about the cleanliness of my home. We have a 5,000 square foot house, so it is a lot to clean! I read several reviews about the Roomba because I didn't want to spend $500 on a "robot" vacuum and be disappointed. I finally purchased the 770 model, and I am so happy. While my Roomba vacuumed for the first time, I unpacked 3 suitcases, did laundry, vacuumed my stairs, and started preparing dinner. When I emptied the Roomba, I could not believe how much was in the bin, and I had already vacuumed that morning! There was pet dander that my regular vacuum does not pick up. The floor looked so clean! There were no dust bunnies under the couch at all. I don't care that the Roomba zigzags. It is getting the job done that I don't want to spend the time doing, and it is doing it better than I would be able to do it. I did not have to move any furniture or get down on my hands and knees with the vacuum hose, because Roomba can do it all. I don't have it scheduled to go on by itself. I just push the button and have it clean when I am home. I have had no problem with the virtual walls. I set it up to do the living room, kitchen, and breakfast room then I dock it. After it charges again, I set it in the dining room and foyer area. Roomba has been such a relief for me. It does an amazing job even for someone like me who is obsessive about cleaning. I have freed up time for myself so I can do other things besides vacuum. I absolutely LOVE Roomba. I wish I would have bought one sooner.

  • Joan Migneault - Got COZMO on Friday 10-14-16. Cant prebot to come ...

    Got COZMO on Friday 10-14-16. Cant prebot to come down the pike in a VERY long time. He is a blast to play with. Can't say enough about him.

  • Kassarie - but the TubShroom fit into easily enough and it really does catch all the hair

    We have an older drain that clogs up all the time from hair, but the TubShroom fit into easily enough and it really does catch all the hair! I noticed I do have to clean it out every few days, but I'd much rather do that than try to unclog a drain!