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  • Michael Black - Horrible software, horrible customer service, but what are you gonna do? Not many other options

    I've been using Quickbooks for a year at my business now and I just bought the 2014 Pro with Enhanced Payroll. First of all the instructions for installing the Payroll portion are WRONG. The options they tell you to click don't exist. Tech support is overseas and not very good. I still haven't figured out how to get Payroll working and I need to pay my employees. I'm not computer illiterate, I work with computers and various kinds of software every day. The people who wrote this software are not very bright. The interface is clunky, and there are all sorts of graphics to try and make accounting software look cool, but they needed to spend time making it easier to use and work well. The 2013 version would make the computer lock up if you left it open long. The 2014 version hasn't yet, but I'm not holding out much hope. I wish there was another solution to the accounting and payroll problem that cost as little as this does, but I haven't found a good one yet.

  • Sebastian Alfonso Jaramillo - Balance you're

    Good product, doesn't have any secondary effects, great for allergy syntoms as well as flue. because somehow balance you're immune System

  • Timezones - Fun version of the Hercules story

    This is more of a 3.5 star review. WAY better than the "Legend of Hercules", but nothing amazing. I'd say it falls in line with something like the "Clash of The Titans" and "Mummy Movies". Decent cast and story. Special effects aren't too over the top (which is a good thing). Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson seems to be in his element as the mighty Hercules. A solid addition to the current Prime streaming library.

  • Bryan Murray - They do not interfere with those that wear glasses or sunglasses.

    I have to give these Bluetooth Music Headphones and Bluetooth Headset a 9.9 out of 10 and make them my favorite pair. I own many brands and styles and these have performed exceptionally well. Very durable and easy to travel with.

  • 1 Fire, Main. - Love this!!!

    I'm not a very good artist but I love playing with this thing. Very simple and easy user interface. doesn't need to be a genius to use their software

  • Cindy Berg - Amount of caffeine and ganoderma extract not listed on box.

    Organo Gold Black coffee tastes pretty good. It has a strong rich smooth flavor. I add a little cream to it. It is not one of those bitter coffees. Its hard to consider this product legitimate when the amount of caffeine and ganoderma extract is not listed on the package. I assume it has a fair amount of caffeine. If I drink it late in the afternoon, I have a hard time sleeping. Would be nice to compare the amount of caffeine in Organo Gold to Folgers. Does it have more or less caffeine?

  • Ciera - The best investment if you want to pass NCLEX!

    I passed NCLEX first try and I thank Kaplan! NCLEX is MORE than what you know. It's about how to answer correctly. Kaplan has created a blue print for even the worst test taker to be successful. It teaches not only what to study and how to study but how to break questions down. These strategies work even if you don't know anything about the content of the question. NO u can't not study but this book will teach u how to pull out the correct information from your memory bank. It will point out what u should know so you can go back and study your weaknesses. This book was more of a help than the book I paid $300 for. Get it!! Worth every penny!!