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Prostate Cancer Guide | Information on symptoms, Brachytherapy treatments and management. - The Prostate cancer guide aims to give the visitor in-depth information on prevention, management, brachytherapy and other treatments of the prostate cancer condition.

  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Prostate-Cancer-Screening.php Prostate Cancer Screening | The Prostate Cancer Guide - Information on the prostate cancer screening procedure. Early screening for cancer can help to prolong lives, and is highly recommended.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/symptoms.php Prostate Cancer Symptoms - There are many symptoms of prostate cancer, these are described indepth in this section.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/benign-prostate.php Benign prostate | Prostate Hyperplasia, Prostatitis and Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia - Information on non-cancerous (benign) afflictions of the prostate. Details are given on benign prostate hyperplasia, prostatitis, prostate atrophy and PIN.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Biopsy.php Prostate Biopsy | A look into the prostate cancer biopsy procedure - In cases where preliminary tests suggest that there is a chance of prostate cancer then you are likely to undergo a further test called a biopsy. A biopsy of the prostate will determine whether or not you have cancer.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/brachytherapy.php Prostate Brachytherapy | High dose rate brachytherapy (hdr) - This section of the prostate cancer guide gives detailed information on the brachytherapy treatment procedure.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/hormonal-therapy.php Prostate cancer hormone therapy treatment - This section of the prostate cancer guide informs the reader on hormonal therapy procedures.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Orchiectomy.php Orchiectomy Procedure | Prostate Cancer Treatment Options - In advanced cases of prostate cancer it may be necessary to perform an orchiectomy. This simple operation involves the removal of the testicles from the scrotum and results in a lowering of the prostate growth promoting hormone testosterone.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/28thOct2009.php Prostate Cancer News | Bicalutamide, MDV3100, Medivation, Astellas, IORT, electronic brachytherapy, intraoperative radiation therapy, NGEP, GSTP1 - Bringing you the latest news and research reviews in the prostate cancer field: 28th October 2009. This week we take a look at the marketing of the new MDV3100 prostate cancer drug by Medivation and Astellas. Alos featured are work on the genes NGEP, and a look at how green tea polyphenols can overturn epigenetic inhibition of GSTP1 in cancerous prostate cells.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/privacypolicy.php prostate cancer guide Privacy policy - Thus page of the Prostate cancer guide contains information about the privacy policy. The site does not collect information per se, but some of the advertisers may set cookies.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Gleason-scale.php Gleason Scale | A look at Gleason grades and Score - A look at how prostate cancer is graded by use of the Gleason scale. Information on how to interpret Gleason Scores and how their number order gives an insight into the aggressiveness of prostate cancer is given.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/alternative-treatment.php Alternative prostate cancer treatments | Natural cures for prostate cancer - A look into the various alternative treatments that may be used in the fight against prostate cancer. As many alternative treatments mat interfere with traditional methods, it is very important to weigh up the pros and cons of the treatment, and to discuss them with your doctor before embarking on a any treatments.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/High-intensity-focused-ultrasound.php High intensity focused ultrasound HIFU | Prostate Cancer Guide - A look at how high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is used to treat people suffering from prostate cancer. Information on how the procedure is performed and of the advantages and side effects of HIFU treatment are given.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/risk-factors.php Prostate Cancer Risk Factors - Many things are known to impact the risk of developing prostate cancers. Some of these have a positive impact such as good diet, whilst others have a negative impact (obesity). Unfortunately many risk factors such as age and race are unavoidable.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Cryotherapy.php Cryotherapy Treatment | Prostate cryotherapy guide - One of the alternatives to traditional prostate cancer treatments is cryotherapy. In this procedure any affected prostate tissue is frozen by the use of argon gas, this can result in a very targeted and sucessful treatment of the cancer.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/prognosis.php Prognosis for Prostate Cancer | What is prostate prognosis - A prostate cancer prognosis is a prediction by a doctor on how the condition will develop and the likelihood of someone's recovery. This section of the prostate cancer guide gives detailed information on the prostate prognosis process.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Watchful-Waiting.php Watchful Waiting | Prostate Cancer Guide - Information on how and why watchful waiting is often recommended for men with prostate cancer.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/metastisis-metastatic-prostate.php Metastatic Prostate Cancer | Prostate Cancer Guide - Information on the Treatment Options for Metastatic Prostate Cancer. This condition is usually treated by hormonal therapy such as LHRH, anti-androgen or orchiectomy.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/lymph-node-biopsy.php Lymph node biopsy | Lymphadenectomy - Information about lymph node biopsies and how they are used in order to analyse the spread of cancers. Lymph nodes make up part of the bodies immune system.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Questions-to-ask-your-doctor.php Questions to ask your doctor about prostate cancer | FAQ - A list of questions that you may like to ask your doctor if you are undergoing prostate cancer treatment.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Coping-with-cancer.php Coping with Cancer of the Prostate - Advice on how to cope with prostate cancer and the type of emotions that you are likely to go through when diagnosed with the condition.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Staging.php Prostate Cancer Staging | An overview of TNM staging classification - A look at the way that doctors carry out prostatecancer staging; an overview of the TNM Staging classification.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Stages.php Prostate Cancer Stages - A look at the main ranking stages of prostate cancer. A grade is usually given of between 1 and 4 based upon information from biopsy and physical and imaging examinations.
  • http://www.prostatecancerguide.net/Spreading.php Prostate Cancer Spreading | Methods used to determine spread - A look at the methods that are used to determin the spread of csncer in the body.

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